Tuesday, March 24, 2009

other ways i am (or, life after monday)

I Am

I am witty & smart
I wonder why people don't read more
I hear the wind crying
I see the sun smile
I want more vacations
I am witty & smart

I pretend I'm famous
I feel magic is real
I touch the future
I worry some people will never live their lives
I cry about injustice & cruelty in the world
I am witty & smart

I understand life is hard (but worth the trouble)
I say you can accomplish much
I dream of traveling everywhere
I try to be compassionate & comforting
I hope we get kinder
I am witty & smart


Melanie Sheridan said...

Witty and smart, describes you perfectly!

Janet said...

you're so creative!

Ami said...

I liked this!

I surfed on over and will post mine tomorrow with a link to yours and a link to the place for everyone else to make one.


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