Sunday, May 27, 2007

another guest writer, less irritable

[What's on the mind of the so-close-to-7-year old in my world]

I have 6 pats and I want six million hundred and 1 more!

I want them because pats are my most favorite thing in the UNIVERSE!

The pats names are regular pat,apple pat, tiny pat, big pat, super pat,and Daffidil.

I've lost 2 teeth and 1 is wiggly. :)

[Editor/Mom's note: "Pats" are the stuffed white rabbits from the Pat the Bunny book]


Anonymous said...

Paige cracks me up sometimes. From pout to pat lover in 2.3 seconds.

I am glad we have one pouter and one rocket ship. Two of the same would be too easy...

Anonymous said...

so glad to have the editor's note, had no idea what a pat was. i want six million hundred and 1 more pairs of shoes from nordstrom. (see how i learn, not "norstrom's"

Anonymous said...
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~michelle said...

oh goodness, i did not even know about super pat- so the aunt says- please learn from my errors- you have enough kid! just the love the smithers outta the ones you have!


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