Sunday, May 27, 2007

guest writer, venting

[A few words from my son]

i've been "dying" to get LEGO star wars but i've been getting in trouble. GRRRRRRRR! :)


Anonymous said...

I am surprised that this was so short from the boy after the venting/sad/mad morning he had. I'm hoping the whole 'being humble talk' sinks into his brain.

I love that kid but boy does he challenge me.


Anonymous said...

grrr indeed, i hate when i get in trouble....i have faith that mason will pull it together to make the legos happen.

~michelle said...

fabulous comment form stu- just to start!
and i too am surprised that mason's blog was shorter than paige's!
pass on to him my lessons learned that i posted with paige's blog- less is more- it just never feels that way when you are a child.


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