Monday, August 20, 2007

it's raining, it's pouring

It really is raining here, in August, after weeks of beautiful sunshine & warmth. I'm actually a little excited about it since I love the fall - I can dress for chilliness and a little sprinkling now & then, plus I love the colors (of leaves and clothes), and the sound of rain on a rooftop makes me smile.

However, I'm being metaphoric with my title, also. Every summer for the past five years or so I have applied for teaching jobs with sad desperation ("Please love me! Please give me a classroom of my own! I'm really really great!"). In Spring of 2006, I actually went through a series of interviews at one middle school, but was not hired (and the most interesting part of that entire episode - besides my very ill-timed & poorly worded comment about it not being my job to keep students from getting bored - was finding out I didn't get the position by seeing its listing disappear from the website; the school called to officially let me know about a week later. That felt good).

This summer was no different, except that I also tried for a position as Copy Manager/Project Assistant at a local advertising agency. It's a small company run with the most remarkable eco-friendly and progressive attitude one could imagine in such an industry. I fell in love with the idea of working with them and, since I had not a single bite on any of the teaching jobs I'd applied for, thought it might be time for a change. I tweaked my resume & cover letter to reflect more of the writer-me than teacher-me and e-mailed it all in. Weeks passed. Big sighs. I began to doubt the intelligence of my passionate substitute renewal form shredding.

But then. Last week, the principal at the alternative high school where I had taught last spring asked if I would teach part time with them - anything I wanted, they were opening a position just for me, no one else would be considered. Um, yes please. Thank you thank you thank you. That alone is wonderful for me, all I need. Yet then came the call from Middle School (clearly I've somehow risen above the "not my job" comment from last year). And then the advertising agency. The former seemed a little aggravated that I didn't want their job anymore, but the latter was so gracious - "Oh, that is fantastic! Really wonderful for you! If anything changes, don't hesitate to let us know, but that is just great." I love those people! After the call, I found myself (ridiculously) thinking of how I might manage their writing job plus my teaching. And PTA president. Oh, and being a mom & wife & friend. Who is not insane.

I'll stick with this little bit of rain and sidestep the downpour; it's better for everyone this way.


katydidnot said...

oh my, how did you do it? i mean, the saying "no, but thank you very much" part. i try so hard to say, "no, but thank you, yours is a worthy cause", but it comes out the other way, you know, "yes, of course i will because yours is such a worthy cause". shoot, more practice i guess.

Anonymous said...

I have said it before, but, congratulations Love. I'm happy for you and no, it is not the income, you are happy teaching.


Jeremy Lowe said...

Well I can almost guarantee you if you wanted to move to Florida, give up the rain, sweat 360 days a year, have to deal with the Florida FCAT program, and probably take a considerable drop in pay, then we have openings for teachers. In fact in this state teachers are getting to be a rare commodity especially if they're experienced.

I admire your ambition to stick with the job that you enjoy. My father who is 85 years old told me when I was younger to find a job that I love and I would never work another day in my life. Although that may not be 100% true it's certainly makes your job much more enjoyable if you like it.

I hope your job hunt goes well and stick to your resolution to find what you enjoy.

PS can you please send some rain down here?

Anonymous said...

Yaaaaay for you! They are lucky to have you - their gain! Bring on the rain and Autumn and all the beautiful colors too...happy happy joy joy!


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