Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Pretty soon I'm going to have to change the name of my blog to 'bad teacher' or 'bad PTA president.' Maybe just 'bad all-of-the-above.' I'm seriously not fishing for compliments here, although I'm not looking forward to anyone saying "Yeah, you're right." Just listen, that's all I ask.

I think it might be the sudden heavy-handed shove into autumn. I'm used to having an Indian summer feeling at the end of September that eases me into fall - a brisk kick to the air one morning, a slight breeze shivering me into a sweater in the afternoon, my breath starting to glimmer white when I step outside at night. This nonsense of sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny BAM cold, rainy, gloomy gray days does not work for me. I get grouchy (sorry, husband & friends), a little surly (sorry, students), impatient & humorless (sorry, children). And I get lazy. It's appalling frankly. Laundry overflowing from the basket and draped around two rooms; unmade bed; new strain of algae species in my shower stall; unvacuumed crumbs soon to attract ROUSes. Plus I forgot to submit agenda items to my PTA secretary for our board meeting, put off grading a stack of freshman English papers, and didn't get mid-term grades figured (much less printed) until 5 pm today - only eight hours after they were due. I did, however, manage to call my neighbor, husband, and kids (three times) during the extra hours I was at school so no one thought I was kidnapped.

Now I sit here, on my shabby faded hydrangea-printed love seat, writing about being a procrastinator while avoiding planning for classes, vacuuming, toilet-cleaning, folding underwear, and sweeping. The thing is, I missed Survivor when I went to Sea-Tac last week so I need to watch it. Plus I did buy some Chanterelles when I stopped to get bread on the way home (groceries! That I can do!), so we'll have to saute those while we catch up on TV. Yeah, I think I deserve a little break tonight.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only Slacker Mom. I'm convinced I need 29 hours in my day. 5 extra hours isn't THAT much to ask for. Is it?

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

You may not be fishing but here come the compliments. It's in the friend contract.

I looked you up in the dictionary (yes, you fell under 'spencer, stephanie' and 'bad mom' - there were pictures) and I came up with:

*smart *amazing *admired *inspiring

I think there were many other entries, but I can't list them all this morning. I must shoo these kids out the door. Hope you enjoyed your Survivor and 'shrooms - may today be calm.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I can so relate.....it's not that I'm lazy...there is just so many more interesting things to do than house stuff.


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