Friday, December 7, 2007

dreaming of a white weekend

I feel as foolhardy as a teenager today. Giddy that it's Friday, gearing up for parties, hoping it snows late Sunday to ensure at least one school-closed snow day.
Check out my Friday Fill-in over at A-Lister. I'm this scattered today, trying to live in two places while planning and thinking of a thousand things...
Enjoy my crazy!


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

You do sound rather giddy & excited.

I'm doing some deep breathing for you, because that's so helpful.

Hope you have a great time. When we regain our sanity, I'm dying to see some movie - even if it's late night.

Mrs. G. said...

Is it supposed to snow? I get all my weather news over here. Have a wonderful party-filled weekend, and let's hope there's no school Monday.

Anonymous said...

You and the ladies should hit a movie tonight, sounds like Lisa needs to get out too.



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