Thursday, January 31, 2008

because of course god went to school

Quick background: My kids are in a gifted program called EXCEL, which they can attend as a pull-out class (once a week) or full-time. Second graders are only offered the part-time version; my daughter has been mulling over whether she wants the full-time class next year. We have encouraged her to go that direction but will ultimately let her decide.

As we were driving home this afternoon, Paige was struck with a revelation. In an excited AHA! voice she announced, "I bet when God was a kid, he was in the full-time EXCEL. Because he figured out how to make all the animals and people and plants and everything." That was all. But it was good.


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

So is it a go, full-time next year?

I forget you have extra education decisions to make, as a family.

Is it me, or did our parents have less to consider?

(I'm being nostalgic, no doubt.)

Mari said...

In our district, they offer GATE as a full-time class from grades 4-6, and the big brouhaha is that third graders have one chance to choose the separate class, or they lose their spot until 7th grade (the separate classes have wait-lists).

We've been talking to our son about this for a few weeks, because we have to send our "letter of intent" (heh, like he's been accepted to college...or offered a spot on a football team) by next Friday. We're waiting to hear back if they'll let him do just math with the GATE class, because I don't think his personality is suited to the pressures the GATE students have in terms of projects and homework.

Like Lisa, as I watch all the parents of third graders analyzing the options and making lists of pros and cons, I wonder how complicated things are for us decision-wise. I teach third grade, and I think I have spent at least 30-40 minutes with each parent whose child has tested into GATE as they ask for input.

But the God factor is one I hadn't considered...

Anonymous said...

That is why I often pray to Mary - because she can empathize with me, having a "gifted" kid and all that!

Last year, mine was rejected for our "odyessy" program by one point on the special 2-part tests last year, yet she is still getting pulled out based on teacher recommendations...I am curious to see how she tests this year.

Our primary grades only have enrichment/pull-out, not full-time programs. They do "honors' programs in middle school.

Anonymous said...

our district did testing each year- becuase our program was way too small and resources sadly meager. One year a kid would be in and one year on a different test they would be out. I knew mine was just fine when he figured out at 9 that it did not matter. He is a pretty smart fella- be gentle with whatever path they take- they will be fine-karolyn

PS I LOVE the God factor- smart girl- (but you knew that)


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