Sunday, January 27, 2008

can't help myself

I'm slightly ashamed to admit what a celebrity whore I am. But I so love movies, and I can't resist the awards ceremonies. I count the days until I can see everyone walk the red carpet; I adore gushing and gawking and trash talking about the dresses and hair and dates. It is outrageous and ridiculous, decadent and possibly heathenistic. Yet I watch. I am an Oscar junkie, and it feels so good. Pray for me. And pass the swag.


stephanie said...

Mrs. G left a lovely commiserating comment but the #$&*(&)@% Oscar widget kept freaking out so I had to make a new post and lost her kind words. Thank you for validating my mania, Mrs. G :)

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I can't support your recovery efforts. I can't wait for the big night myself.

(Which reminds me: have you watched Away from Her yet? Maybe we could do a rental night...)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I do love to see the bling. And the hair. And the dresses. And the hawt secret boyfirends.


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