Saturday, February 2, 2008

my closet proclaims spring on the way

Punxsutawney Phil be damned, I am getting my pretty springy clothes out. As much as I love fall (if I were a season, it's what I'd be after all), I've grown weary of my autumn colors and fabrics. No more corduroy or thick sweaters; away with the oranges and olives and dark grays. Navy and brown and even black can stay because they can get a late winter boost from my pink and lavender t-shirts. The best part will be when I can break out my capri pants and ballet flats! Maybe if I put away the cold weather clothes I will summon the sunshine. We'll see (she says as feathery snowflakes wisp around outside...).


Anonymous said...

I treated myself to a FIERCE new pocketbook (purse, bag, whatever you call it) today - patent leather AND leopard...Made In Ital and all that good stuff!

Phil, go back into your burrow and rethink the whole shadow thang!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I don't care what Stacy and Clinton on What Not To Wear say about women with short legs never wearing capris, I'm so not giving them up!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I'm not quite ready for capris - yikes - but it feels good to dream.


Mrs. G. said...

I just told my daughter yesterday that the birds were sounding springish. It won't be too much longer, but I hope those wispy snowflakes head my way. I honestly never tire of snow...probably because we get so little.


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