Saturday, May 3, 2008

makin' friends

Disclaimer: I have had four raspberry lemon drops (no Chambord issues tonight) in four hours. And I have danced [badly, most likely] to various rap songs during that time. Take this post as you will using that background information.

Let me say, I am pretty proud of myself for coming out from under the down comforter and heavenly lead-like bedspread at 9:45 p.m. to head upstairs to the funky nightclub in our hotel. Earlier in the day it seemed like a given - stay up until 2 a.m., wooooohoooo, no problem! But after the last PTA voting session? ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Yet I rallied.

Here are the friends I made this evening/morning:

Derek #1, a darling 26-year old "Director of Golf" (wtf? I still don't quite follow the job description) with *ahem* size 13 1/2 feet [please don't ask why we asked; it was quite innocent]

Derek #2, aka Skippy (because he totally looked like the boy from Family Ties), our waiter who sweetly humored our requests for crazy things like a glass of ice

Joe, the security guard who we thought was an EMT but was not, who was pretending to care about listening to all of our new Vice President's stories about labor and guilt and I can't really follow what else she's talking about

Michael, another security guard who could not appreciate the fact that he looked exactly like Seth Rogen with a crew cut. He refused to smile and finally said, "I would rather look like myself." Precious.

Ralph, yet another security guard who didn't really look like anyone but was super sweet. Did I mention that they are riding Segways? It was kind of hot. In the most nerdy sexy way possible.

Kone, the bouncer/doorman at the club who is from the Ivory Coast (which I smartly identified as "Cote-d'Ivoire;" he was totally impressed). He used to teach there and would love to do the same here; we gave him a contact. We are the coolest people ever.

I think we're being made to return to our rooms. Will post more adventures tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Did she mention that we had to drage our youngest attendee home...

dkuroiwa said...

mmmmmm raspberry lemon drops...yum! can make even a big PTA thingy fun. You...are so cool.
Make sure you take notes to remember what you voted on...and not just notes on the "interesting people" that you are meeting!!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

You guys crack me up.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

He might be able to make money off looking like Seth Rogen if Seth Rogen gets a little more famous!

Very Mary said...

I love all the new girlfriends you made. Oh wait, let me recalculate. Um. BadMom? How does Stu let you out of the house for Pete's Sake?

Karen said...

Sounds like fun. Are you sure you're with the PTA?

katydidnot said...

those are all boys. yes? ahem. who will you be stalking for the rest of the weekend? which one(s)?

Anonymous said...

When you called at 9:30 last night: "Oh, I don't want to go tonight, there is a cover charge and we were up late last night.."

Have fun and don't hassle the security guards too much. I'd hate to see you on Cops.

Love ya,



Anonymous said...

Well... It was great to meet you guys, you really did make a stressful (usually) Maxi's weekend pretty dam cool. Thanks for being weird. The guy who may look like Seth Rogan (alittle) but more like myself.


I dont know how else to post this but if you guys want to keep me updated on your crazy adventures

John-Michael said...

"being made to return to our rooms"??

Does this deal come with a "Hall Monitor" as well?


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