Tuesday, July 15, 2008

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I'm glad I could appease all (well most; Larry seems to have some kind of issue with our Mr. Smith...) with the photo. Curious if anyone went over and read the Very Serious Stuff I wrote for The Bad Mommy Blog (thank you to those who did - you rock and I will eventually get chocolate to you somehow). It's summer, I know; some things are hard. And some things are less important than lying on a couch with the fan trained directly at your face.

To answer Cheri's question about Will Smith: Alas, my Wild Oats/Whole Foods guy does not look at all like this. And he might not even be my Wild Oats/Whole Foods guy anymore - I haven't seen him there in more than a week (meaning, the last 12 or so times I stopped in to get something completely unnecessary crucial to our household, he was not working). Now he might just be my Jail Bait/Teen Students' Slacker Best Friend. And that, friends, is the very definition of "Pathetic." Not to mention "Grounds for Dismissal from A Professional Teaching Job."

After Wednesday, which in my brain looks like a piece of crazily crumpled paper because I have to drop off the kids at day camp, do something productive for 90 minutes [i.e. clean the cat box or flag important pages in my teacher books or watch E! until my eyes bleed], drive toofrickingfar for my annual exam, spend precious People-reading moments filling out another medical history form because I lost the one they sent me in the mail, possibly get jammed into a mammogram machine if there is an appointment available, race over to a previously unknown park to pick up my son early from his day camp so we can make his afternoon doctor's appointment across town, then slog home in rush hour traffic to make tacos for my last dinner with the family until next Monday, then make lunches for Thursday's day camp before getting in the mood for a little something fancy because my dear husband deserves it for stepping up to the plate while I party with cyberfriends, I will be on my way to San Francisco for the weekend. For BlogHer. I'm alternately excited and freaked out; pleased for the time away with writer-types and stressed about all the things I want to do that I probably won't have time for. And, as always, concerned that my hair will not do exactly what it's supposed to at any given moment - for example, the moment someone with a camera shoots my pic for a Worldwide Web display. Look for it.

I was going to post links to all the people I hope to meet (if only fleetingly) but a) that overwhelmed me to the point of hyperventilating and b) if I left someone out, we would both be sobbing wrecks and again - CRAPPY PICTURES. How about I just post links of the people I actually meet and call it good? I thought you'd agree; you're so kind to me. I love you. No I'm not drunk.

Maybe I'll just bask in the gloriousness of my hotel room for four days...


LarryG said...

faulkner has nuttin' on a bad mom -
stream of consciousness going on -
speaking with detail and frankness -
you go girl, don't believe it's thankless-
listening gives pause for acclamation -
often overflows with approbation -
so i show up without hesitation -
enjoying insight here at bad mom's destination -

oliver rain said...

Have a fabulous time at Blogher. I will live vicariously through you so expect to give a FULL report when you get back!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

So much for a peaceful day, before your trip. Somehow I knew.

I can't wait to catch up next week...

dkuroiwa said...

Have a wonderful time at Blogher...what an experience this will be. And yes...pictures and reports and fashion reviews, please!!
(Personally, I would be way to intimidated, I think, and really would stay in my hotel room!!)
No go there and have fun for those of us who can't be there!!!

shrink on the couch said...

Strange, there's a grocery store I frequent, recently acquired by Wild Oats, and there's a GUY in there that I've told my friends about. He's in the meat department, very appropos, no? I think this is the first time I've ever tried to sell my friends on partaking in anonymous beefcake.

The thing is, when he hands me my chicken breasts, he looks me right in the eye. Big, deep baby blues. He *knows* me.

Have a great time at Blogher.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...


Sorry to hear about your jail bait. Maybe he went on vacation with his parents or to sleep-away camp and he'll be back next week.

Now you go and have fun at BlogHer. The San Diego Blog Bitches will take good care of our pool boy at BitchHer while you're gone. And, again, we promise not to touch, but that is a lot of caulk for one man to carry.

Melanie Sheridan said...

Have a great time! I want to know all the details!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

The Westin has such wonderful beds you have to be careful not to just sleep for 48 hours.

Have too much fun--party for those of us left behind. Especially those of us that will be taking the California Subject Exam for Teachers instead of BlogHerring.

scargosun said...

Ohh! Save the macadamia nuts from the mini bar for me. Enjoy your hotel room.

Janet said...

I like my chocolate with salt, please :-)

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I want to do a swan dive from across the room onto that bed. I would be all, "There's a convention too?"

katydidnot said...

SF...can't wait.

San Diego Momma said...

I'm also a lover of the Westin bed. I even bought a cheap knock-off for my own home.

But this is not about me, or my bed, or my home.

Have a fantastic time! I cannot wait to hear how it all went!

ShariMacD said...

Are you going to the MotherTalk pre-BlogHer party on Thursday night? I'll be there, they're giving away copies of my book. If you go, come find me!




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