Tuesday, December 30, 2008

guy on the bus [PROMPTuesday]

This is my entry in San Diego Momma's very cool weekly writing exercise. The photo is hers; the song below accompanies the picture & my story.
Guy sits in the same seat every morning; he's already there when I get on at the Lovejoy stop, staring out the windows opposite the door. I call him Guy because I don't know his name - no one ever speaks to him, he makes no phone calls, never has a magazine with revealing subscription info - and also because he's pretty regular looking. I can't remember a time when Guy wasn't there, and I've been taking this bus across town for a year now.

Some days I watch him and wonder what he's thinking. He sits so still, staring out the windows. His expression rarely changes; once I saw him smirk but when I followed his gaze I couldn't tell why, and he had gone back to a plain stare by the time I looked at him again.

I don't know where Guy goes everyday because I get off before him, and he's never on the bus when I head home. Last fall, I tried to interact with him by asking if he had a pen I could borrow. He glanced at my hand on his arm before slowly turning his face toward mine, shaking his head. I wasn't sure if he was answering my query or telling me not to touch him.

Today, Guy came into my store. At first I couldn't figure out why he seemed so familiar. I walked over to offer assistance, smiling as if we were old friends. Guy looked at me blankly, shook his head. He picked up a copy of the free newspaper near the door and left.


OHN said...

Hi..I came over from Rebel and haven't had time to read very far back but if it is ok with you, I will be adding you to my readwhenigettime list.

As for the bus guy...hmmmm. Maybe mental illness? I would probably call in late one day and take the bus all the way to where he gets off...I am terminally nosey. :)

Danielle said...

Very cool. I enjoyed that and now I want to read more about Guy. Maybe one day soon I'll do a prompt as well...I shall add it as a resolution.

Shana said...

Writing prompts scare me. Maybe a cookie will help me settle back down.

Nice job : )

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...



Shana: Try dark chocolate with peanut M&Ms. A handful does wonders for the soul.

San Diego Momma said...

So glad you did this Stephanie! Really loved reading it. You captured how I felt about this guy when I first saw him.

Your PROMPT rooked me in with its grand writing...I must read more.

Thx for bring a part of this Tuesday!

blognut said...

I like it!

Joanie said...

I'm so glad he didn't have a gun. Because honestly? That's where I thought you were going. Or maybe that's just what I think everytime I hear that "just sits quietly, pretty regular looking" phrase. I liked your way better.

Da Goddess

katydidnot said...

perfect. but i hope he comes back to your store and buys something so we might know more.

Glennis said...

I like this. I like the other character, too - you actually flesh this character out in an equally intriguing way. Funny, I took my guy off the bus, without even thinking of it.

JCK said...

This was very cool. I especially loved the end.

Gretchen said...

awesome writing. You are a true talent.

Minnesota Matron said...

This is really very lovely. We're all so alone in our worlds, aren't we?


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