Tuesday, April 28, 2009

irony deficient

I was all set today to give blood in honor of a soon-to-be student at my school. If you know me even a tiny bit you are aware that I tend to avoid a) exercise, b) bodies of water, and c) needles and/or bloodletting. However, this is a special situation; I'd like to say it was purely altruistic - my decision was 99% because I wanted to help our future Renegade - but I also felt the need to be a Big Girl and show my students that despite my nearly debilitating fear apprehension about needles & blood, I could buck up and do it.

So I made an appointment (to make it official - knowing others would be expecting me kept me from making excuses or, more likely, chickening out) for 3:15 this afternoon. At 3:10, my stomach started to twist and I began sweating slightly, yet I shuffled over to the junior high gym and checked in. I think I scared some of my students who were waiting there; I could feel myself being less congenial & encouraging and more withdrawn & twitchy. I read the [very long and involved yet fascinatingly informative] Pre-Donation Handbook; I got my number for the Pre-Donation Screening. I waited about 2 excruciating days 10 minutes before a smiling young woman invited me to the secret interview area. We chatted about my day and then without warning I treated her to my increasingly shrill and anxious policy of how I generally do not deal with needles unless medically mandated but felt this was a necessary thing to do today. She compassionately yet professionally moved forward with the interview (I surreptitiously watched her laptop for an entry of "Crazy Lady") then we were at the part where she poked my finger to do a quick test for iron richness.

And this is where my story comes to a screeching, bloodless end. Other than the menacingly slow-flowing droplets used to determine my LOW LOW LOW Fe content, there was no giving from me today. Despite my cowardly reservations, I was looking forward to joining that group of noble individuals who do this regularly; I had visions of being one of those cheerfully brave people who step right up when the Blood Mobile parks in front of Whole Foods. But most of all, I wanted to be part of the solution for our student.

I will get myself some supplements and try to gag down some leafy greens and be ready for next time. If you can give, please do. Click here and find a donation site nearby.


brandy101 said...

That happened to me the 1st time I tried to give.

Its a good excuse to eat some delish burgers (from your fave bar& grill), though!

Gretchen said...

I'm surprised you didn't get denied because of the recent tattoo. I haven't donated in a while (pregnant, nursing, pregnant again, nursing again, etc etc) but last time I did they were still rejecting people because of recent piercings or tattoos. Well, you can use it as an "out" the next time you start to feel overwhelmed by needles.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm surprised about the tattoo thing also.

My doctor says it's important to have a blood test in the lab--the finger pricks are really unreliable.

Good for you for trying though. I try really hard to be a 4 times a year person.

stephanie said...

Up here, the rule about tattoos is if it was done in Oregon (where they must be licensed artists), there is a 3 month wait time; I got mine last July in Portland so I'm completely clear there.

I actually had 2 fingers pricked, in case one was somehow more iron-filled than the other...Now two fingertips, one on each hand, are achy. And I feel sad. This was not a pleasant day :(

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Does it help to know that Greg gives all the time? Like every 52 days or whatever the the rule is...He's pretty faithful to make up for those of us who can't.

You tried. You did. I tried to sign up for the bone marrow registry a while back and felt rotten when they denied me.

I guess we will have to do other good deeds...

(I did raise my iron levels a bunch with: Alive supplements, liver, increased red meat AND vitamin C - it helps with absorption - and kale. You may feel a boost in your energy levels as your iron levels go up. That's all happy news. :) )

camikaos said...

It's awful to gt yourself all mentally/ emotionally prepped for something and get that let down... But good for you prepping up to do it again!!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Oh! You poor dear.

Bearden 365 said...

ok...you tried. I have the same needle phobia--and I am quite familiar with that future Renegade & think the world of her. However, when I saw the sign and realized I would be on maternity leave, I gave a sigh of relief that I wouldn't be faced with that decision. I am very impressed with you for trying!!! :o) I would give you a cupcake if I were there.

Sara Elizabeth said...

I am the same way with needles and giving blood. It made me light headed just reading this entry. LOL.

It was a nice thing your were trying to do, even if it didn't work out.


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