Friday, May 21, 2010

may showers, good stuff & wet stuff

1. The impending weekend never fails to make me smile.

2. I'm looking forward to moving in to my new classroom!

3. Stereomood is what I'm listening to right now.

4. Potato salad must have haiku-ju-ju in it!

5. Crackers & Irish cheese was the best thing I ate today.

6. Today was a blessed challenge, like all the others.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to the elementary school talent show, tomorrow my plans include a walking tour of Portland in the fricking rain, and Sunday I want to walk around Portland in the fricking rain some more, then sleep for 12 hours or so.

Friday Fill-ins just feel fine


Janet said...

crackers and cheese, my favorite dinner LOL! Have fun this weekend :-)

Unknown said...

Hahaha enjoy the frickin' rain.

First time playing along- looks like fun.

Liz said...

Cool. I checked out Stereomood - new (for me) and neat!
Stay dry? :)

The Girl Next Door said...

Stereomood - new one on me have to check it out! And cheese and crackers isn't that always the best thing every day? What? We're not supposed to live on cheese and crackers? Says who!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

What is this thing called rain? Heh.

Also? Cheri wants a cracker. And some cheese.

San Diego Momma said...

I love how I can always come to your blog and learn something new and/or cool.

Stereomood ROCKS!

I'm all over it now.


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