Wednesday, July 27, 2011

summer brain

To quickly dispel the nonsense that teachers get paid to do NOTHING during summer break, here is a rundown of what I've done since the end of June and what I plan to do in the next few weeks:

  1. Ordered, picked up, and inventoried [might have glanced through giddily] $3K worth of books for our library
  2. Cleaned my white boards
  3. Put up one school motto decal
  4. Read a potential title for our upcoming Everyone Reads program
  5. Got new stickers for my rolling file box
  6. Purchased a portable file box for indepedent contracts
  7. Bought more reading material than will likely fit in my classroom
  1. Put up decals in other classrooms
  2. Create a logical, practical system for keeping track of independent contracts
  3. Write letters begging community members to talk with Seniors about project ideas in September
  4. Rewrite/organize lessons for English classes
  5. Design Advanced Technology curriculum
  6. Set up school library check-out system
  7. Find a way to incorporate new reading material into classroom

So, 14 school-related tasks in essentially 7 weeks (we took a couple of weeks for our vacation and I'll spend at least seven days celebrating my birthday next month). Leaves me some time to take my kids to parks, aimlessly rearrange furniture, read some more, watch movies, celebrate my 25th reunion, and partake of Happy Hours...but NOT CAMP.

Best job ever.


Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

I think you work hard enough shaping young minds that you deserve some free time over the summer too. You don't have to justify that (to me, anyway!)

Can't believe you haven't blogged about those shoes though. I'm still bummed out that I can't get them here, or in red online... and I've been looking!

Enjoy your summer, my friend.

Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

P.S. Steph, have you looked at for ideas for the classroom? (kitchen, yard, home, wardrobe, etc. etc. times infinity) If you haven't, prepare to spend copious amounts of time sitting in that very spot going over some truly awesome ideas and trying not to curse me...

JCK said...

Did we EVER say that you don't work in the summer? Pshaw! Teachers are amazing, and I'm sure with your passion for teaching, you are one of the best.

Glad you are having a good summer!

Bliss said...
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Bliss said...

Sorry, I had to delete and re-post to make a correction:

I didn't know teachers got paid over the summer.

How wonderful for them.

What ever the pay is, I'm guessing it's still NOT as much as teachers deserve to be paid.

We home school but when my daughter attended (charter) schools, I always had the utmost respect, awe, and gratitude for her teachers.

How the teachers made it through the days without going crazy continues to mystify me.

Some of my daughter's classmates needed to have babysitters at school with them, they were so disruptive.

God bless you and every teacher and every dime y'all get, all year long.

shrink on the couch said...

Teachers need those summer weeks to recharge, refurbish and revitalize. And yes, to locate just the right decal.


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