Friday, November 2, 2007

it sounds kinda naughty...

So excited! It's that giddy kind of "I have no idea what I'm going to do but it's going to be super fun!" feeling. I'm pretty sure I'll be a little wiggy by the end of the weekend what with this posting everyday thing combined with my first quarter classes ending (grading! Which means matching the best generic comments to each student; I could add customized messages but it seems best to stick with "Enjoyable to have in class" rather than venture on my own and risk inputting "Narrowly avoiding a kick in the ass").

My big fat great plan is to use this book I found through sheer good luck (and a touch of panic). (I'm too chicken to buy the shirt yet...Where in the hell would I wear it?? Please send suggestions). But Mighty Girl's blog & book are delightful reading and I trust she will guide me smartly through November. Although I do get a little nervous when I have even a passing thought about telling you what I ate for lunch. But I don't often actually eat lunch, so it's not too big a worry.

Hey, tune in tomorrow for more brain numbing fun!


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

What on earth are you doing up at midnight?

{Oh and that t-shirt - the one about a girl? It's hilarious but I'd never where it. I'd surely run into my Mom or pastor or 3rd grade teacher and die a slow death.}

Anonymous said...

I know where you can wear that shirt...

I think it would look great crumpled on the floor :)


katydidnot said...

what is the randomizer? i've been here everyday, clicking on it and clicking on it. is it a link? isn't it a link?? wtf?? i must know. and um...nov. 4th ticking away...awaiting the 4th of 30 posts this month. come on! cowboys...pffftt.


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