Tuesday, June 10, 2008

pour a little sugar on me

This song was on the radio when I drove home today. It makes me smile, and the video? Awesomeness. I had a total girl crush on Betty - I really wanted her hair (it was a lot like I Dream of Jeannie's; I tried getting a ponytail to flick from the top of my head many times to little success), but I couldn't quite figure what she saw in Archie. He has many flaws, not the least of which is the fact that his eyebrows are black but he's a redhead. Weird. And I was really mad that she never kicked Veronica to the curb as a bff; their relationship made no sense to me.

Anyway. Feel free to dance along.


Mrs. G. said...

The video is not working-it says no longer available. But Betty was always my favorite.

stephanie said...

Hmmm, looks like Sabrina the Teenage Witch is playing tricks on us. It's working now...?

Melanie said...

Aaah, my favorite pop song by a fake band from a comic book of all time.

And while I loved Betty, I secretly relished the exploits and wardrobe of Veronica, and there was not a better feeling in the world than a thick, new Betty & Veronica Double Digest on a hot summer day.

I kind of want a malted now.

dkuroiwa said...

Oh man...I love that song!! I remember that "record" being on the back of a box of cereal...just cut it out and "voila!!"...a cardboard 45!!!
I always thought that Archie was kind of a wuss...I loved Betty...I felt that I could relate to her...oh..such a sad teenage existance...always "just a friend"...now I'm wanting a vanilla pepsi from the bowling alley!!!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Are you trying to tell me that Archie's carpet didn't match the drapes?!


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