Saturday, November 29, 2008

bah, humboy

I know where my son gets his sense of drama (Bad Dad, of course) and his clever wit (yours truly), but the way he latches onto the negative side of anything [Disneyland: all a big fake-out; pizza: melted cheese burns mouth] is puzzling.

Yesterday, we drove downtown to watch the tree lighting at Esther Short Park. On the way, I tuned in the radio station that plays Christmas music all the time. Wacky optimist that I am, this seemed like a most pleasant way to spend the evening - wandering around the park on a crisp night, enjoying some activities with friends, listening to local musicians, squealing for Santa. No. The Young Cynic wondered, loudly & in a crabby tone, why people bother putting lights on such a huge tree and who cares about seeing it light up? Plus, how will we find our friends in such a big crowd? What KIND of activities will there be and will they even be FUN?

But the most troubling part of this very poorly planned outing? When people mess up Christmas songs by changing the tune or singing the words in a "weird" way, or WORSE - making up stupid stuff like girls wishing for only one present and that's A BOYFRIEND. (Okay, I have to admit it is a corny concept but I can't help singing along with Mariah...).

We finally made it to a parking space without me having to slam on the brakes more than once and/or tape his mouth shut (though I did turn the radio up to ear-bleeding level for The Beach Boys' "Frosty the Snowman"). As we entered the park, friendly elves handed us candy canes; Mason attempted gaiety when I reminded him that he is now old enough to stay in a locked car by himself immediately.

The Ghost of Teenage Christmas Future

A surprise appearance by our favorite balloon guy EVER

Not Your Average Joe tames the grouchy beast

Face painting seems to help
(though he did first request a savage-looking Santa)

Paige, far more silver-lining than her brother

In person, the tree was not at all blurry.

Happy Moms
(We're thinking about our Saturday night getaway...)

May your holidays be bright
(not blurry, unless you want them that way)
and may all your Christmas songs make sense.


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

a) I'm either blinded by said tree or
b) I'm way too happy in this shot, making my eyes wiggly.

Not that I'M complaining. :)

Glad he survived the utter silliness of it all. It still feels good to gather, to start the holiday.

(See you in a bit.)

Shana said...

We did this last year and it was unbearably cold out. UNBEARABLY. I could not bribe anyone in my family to go this year even though the weather was mild and lovely. So I went to see Australia with girlfriends instead while the menfolk played poker. Such is life. Glad you had fun! And beware of Future Teenager. It happens when you're not looking and leaves you going WTF happened to my baby?

Anonymous said...

Not your average Joe is the best balloon guy ever. hands down.

Stu said...

Drama from me? Uh, yeah, Mrs. Drama ;) (Stephanie is reading over my shoulder sticking out her tongue at me, 'nuff said?)

That boy can find the downside of anything. The thing that kills me is he always has fun. He just has to piss and moan first.


San Diego Momma said...

As a fellow pisser and moaner for sport and effect, not for reals, I can sort of relate to your son. It's like I'm a creamy nougat center surrounded by dark chocolate. (Or something)

Seeing your son's Christmas tree face and gorgeous smile in spite of himself, I can tell he's all sunshine and roses on the inside. And THAT's where it counts!

Also, when do we get Girl's Night Out details?????

Janet said...

Sounds like his left brain is dominant :-)

Dude, I love the blurry tree shot, cool!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I live with one of those too--though he insists he's very happy when WE're not around.


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