Saturday, December 27, 2008

son of frozen tundra

The weather outside is frightful.

Inside it's so delightful.

Another view of outside from within

I can manage a shot just outside the front door without becoming hypothermic.

The boy found Nevada in our backyard.

Paige gives new meaning to "iced tea."

I'm so sorry, little Japanese maple,
but it's too perilous for me to even try shaking that off.

Yes I had to go all the way into the driveway for this shot,
risking frostbite on my Crocs-clad toes.
I'm that dedicated to my craft.

Okay, forget I ever asked for snow. Done.


Karen said...

BRRRR! Says the Florida girl! We may hit 80 today. Na, na, na, na, boo, boo!

Very Mary said...

First of all, I HAVE THAT SAME CHANDELIER! It's in my kitchen! I LOVE YOU! Second, the frozen son looks soooo much like his mum in the photo of him with Nevada. Third, it's going to be 74 in OHIO today. Global warming rocks. For me. Not you.

dkuroiwa said...

Oh...I know that looks so pretty, thank. you. I may be from Colorado, but my blood has aclimated to the sub-tropics!

Ice tea. Love it! We used to make 'snow ice cream'...mix some milk, sugar and vanilla and pour it on some snow...yummmy memories!!

Warm thoughts coming at ya...the ones I can spare, anyway.

Shana said...

I'm so over the snow as well. The progression went a little something like this: Yay! It's snowing! Look at that! It's so beautiful! -- to -- I'm bored! I'm bored! I'm bored! -- to -- Crap! It's still snowing! Hold on kids, we've got no traction!

Arctic Blast '08. Good times, good times.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

It is pretty, though. I take it you won't be moving to colder climes anytime soon?

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

What is that white fluffy stuff all of the place?

katydidnot said...

today would be a good day ot visit me.

Gretchen said...

whoa your snow looks beautiful. I almost miss it. Almost.

Today, I dried clothes on the line outside. I'd NEVER be able to do that in the midwest on December 27th.

Angie McCullagh said...

Look at those fluffy flakes! Was that today? Ours started melting. In fact, I now see more grass than snow. Woot!

Suzanne said...

That Nevada ice chunk is sweet! And was that frozen coffee in your bird feeder? I'd send you some warm weather if I had any, but it's just as frickin cold here.

Unknown said...

OMG I am SO jealous.

shrink on the couch said...

I'm not even gonna say it. But yes, I'd like to be snowed in, here in Texas. Just once. For my kids' sake.

I know its a PITA but it sure is beautiful. Thanks for risking frostbitten toes on behalf of your hot southern readers.

JCK said...

That's impressive snow. I'm having a drink for you right now.

Janet said...

that last picture was SO worth it!


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