Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Dear dear young & talented Sara at Subjective Beauty has deemed my blog "Fabulous" with this, well, fabulous badge:

I'm pretty sure I looked just like that in Paris last summer.

Many genuine thanks to Sara for the compliment; I only hope I can live up to it.

To accept this award I must post it on my blog, nominate 10 blogs to receive this award, link to the blogs I nominate, and notify the nominees. To accept your award, simply follow the same procedure.

Here are some of my favorites in the Most Fabulous Blogs category:

You will instantly feel far more fabulous once you've visited these brilliant women, guaranteed.


Anonymous said...


Moxy Jane said...

Hurrah to you!! And thanks for passing it along - I am most humbled by the inclusion.

Austin, TX

San Diego Momma said...

Oh my!
I love when someone fabulous says that I'm fabulous (actually you might be the only one to have done so).

SO I will take this! And put it on my mantel!

Thanks, Steph!

LarryG said...

well shucks i thought it was fabulous since i saw it the first time ...
glad the folks with the awards finally caught on :)

holly said...

well sara had it right. this here blog is quite fabulous. i would rate its fabulosity at a 10.4 out of 10.6. (10.6 being the 'kettering constant' which is the s.i. unit of fabulosity).

how many more awards until you make manager? i'm just a supervisor - a glorified team leader. it's okay except you have to fill out these weekly reports.

and thank you!! i really should have bought lottery tickets today. this was just *one* of a series of wonderful things that happened.

i am truly honoured!

and i know my brain. and it has that 'i'm thinking of something cute' hum going on in the background. and one of the neurons is actually emitting a 'mu hu ha ha ha ha' sound.

but several of the neurons on the frontal lobe are saying 'thank you stephanie!'

they are the good ones.

katydidnot said...

yay us!

Fantastic Forrest said...

You are indeed fabulous, o great blog guru.

Totally kind of you to include me in this stellar lineup. I am so excited to have this badge as proof of your friendship (I'm not sure my blog is actually worthy, but maybe that's just my low self esteem talking).

I've spent all day agonizing over who to include on my list of 10. Way to make sure the house stays filthy, the clothes are unwashed, and we'll be having dinner out...

San Diego Momma said...

Did I spell mantle right? It's mantel, right? Or mantle? Right?

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Congratulations! And I wholeheartedly support your choices. That's a great set of bloggers you got there. (That sounded dirty. Heh.)

Suzanne said...

I've felt you were fabulous for some time now... I'm glad you were finally formally recognized for it. :)

Melanie Sheridan said...

*curtsies* Thank you so much! I'm sure you did look like that in Paris! I'm honored!


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