Monday, January 26, 2009

time mismanagement

Today was a 'teacher work day' at school. I had 3 neatly organized piles of work on my desk to be graded and did exactly this during the five hours I spent in my classroom:
  • Tried three times to get local alt-rock station to stream
  • Tuned in Pandora instead
  • Rearranged tables and extra chairs to the hallway
  • Hung another calendar
  • Turned reeds in diffuser
  • Found proper stand for new art book
  • Sorted miscellaneous papers
  • Ate handfuls of smoked almonds
  • Got jumbo paperclips from supply room
  • Made copies of Final Short Story scoring sheets
  • Straightened books
  • Created new piles of work
  • Put six-pack of San Pellegrino water in teachers' lounge fridge
  • Dumped out old orange juice
  • Took bottle & aluminum can out of garbage, put in recycling
  • Tacked picture of Jon Hamm onto office wall
  • Re-secured Fountains of Wayne poster
  • Filed records of my clock hours
  • Searched online for credit or clock hour earning education classes
  • Read, graded, & recorded scores for 3 (THREE) student papers
  • Ate Bavarian Creme Brulee chocolate square
  • Chatted with custodian

Since I've been home, I have actually used my time more wisely by hanging out with my kids, cooking ground beef & turkey for future meals, finishing two loads of laundry, having a heart-to-heart with my boy and playing Eight Letters in Search of a Word with my girl, and enjoying brie & bread & "Dexter" with my man. And getting today's post in under the wire.

The end.


3 Bay B Chicks said...

What is the problem? I see absolutely nothing wrong with this list. On the contrary, I would have to say that you were the pinnacle of productivity. Not only did you eat the smoked almonds, but you also managed to tack up a picture.

Well done!


Shana said...

But at least you got the Hamm Man posted. That was important.

Tell Dexter I said hi. I miss him. I wish Season 3 would hurry up and come out on DVD.

Anonymous said...

Wait, but you ad a LIST! That is a very important first step.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Pass the brie.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I think I misread the title. You got a lot done, including meal prep. I know you are aiming to plan ahead there, so yay you.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

But now you're ready to grade, so it was all worth it.

Danielle said...

Sounds productive. I love paper clips, that's all you got from the supply closet? I love the office supply closet, I get all kinds of stuff I don't need. Then I have to find a place for it. Sorry random tangent brought on by paperclips.

Fantastic Forrest said...

Some people do not do well with unstructured time. They are better at juggling a bunch o' stuff than having free choice.

I am one of those people.
You are one of those people.

It's nice having friends who are like me. Then I don't feel so weird.

brandy101 said...

sounds like a productive day to me!

Suzanne said...

Sounds like a smooth running day to me! Of course, this is compared with my seemingly useless days filled with diapers, naps, and a scary lack of showers.

Anonymous said...

That list reads like one of my days. Glad to see I'm not alone.


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