Sunday, July 12, 2009

moody blues

My blog is having some growing pains, from me not being able to figure out how the f#(*&$ck to put in a usable third column to my blogroll disappearing, even after I spent TWO HOURS last night trying to remember everyone I've loved then visiting each site to grab the address and leave a comment and THEN pasting all those addresses into the handy Blogger blogroll gadget. My insolent little blog said "No thanks, I'm cool." Damn kids.

Please bear with us while we fight like the Osbournes work this out with Love & Logic. If you're not sure if you were on my blogroll and want to be (or if you fear I will forget you were already there), please leave a note in comments. I'll offer to post a big picture of the Jonas brothers when my surly 'tween blog settles down.


Mrs. G. said...

Stephanie, call me. I put in a third column in blogger. It was a mother frickin' miracle but I did it. Email for number.

Hi Stu

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

So pleased Mrs. G has this one. I gave up on my third column because she was snarky far too often.

Biscuit said...

I have no idea how to create a third column, but please add me to your roll. : )

brandy101 said...

your blog has growing pains? Ugh, I think mine (or at least, its former creative incarnation) died long ago and lives only for daily complaints of this that and the other thing that aren't fun and funny enough for FB.

stephanie said...

Mrs. G, I will definitely get in touch - thank you!

Biscuit - I cannot get to your blog; Blogger says your profile is not available to me :( Please e-mail your link.

Alison said...

Sorry you're having a hard time getting your blog to cooperate. I'd love to be added:


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