Sunday, March 28, 2010

stagnation station

I apologize to all of you who are weeping over the lack of brilliant writing here ever lately. It is what we teachers ("we" meaning "the slacker kind like me") call the Spring slump, which occurs right about the time that the Daylight Savings thievery and state testing collide.

I have been dragging sullen seniors through practice for their final board presentations and wincing my way through The Chocolate War with a gaggle of freshman boys, as well as trying to finish our yearbook, help organize a poetry slam, and design tickets for our first-ever prom; throw in a few everyday wrenches like someone deciding she's just not going to graduate this year since it's too hard and someone else missing school because his mom doesn't want to drive him and yet another someone who claims dire illness every time an assignment is due and I am just ready. for. bed.

During this last week, I've entered Extra Special Crazy Mode as we get closer to Spring break and our Disneyland trip. Not only did I need to pack everyone's suitcases (it makes me feel better; see "Hi, I'm OCD!") but I also had to stock postcard stamps, doublecheck addresses in my iLover, collect all charging implements for phones and GameBoys and Zunes [oh my], and portion snacks for the plane. I'm straightening things around the house but resisting actual cleaning because we're having our upstairs wood floors finished while we're away, so there will be layers of dust everywhere that I will just have to reclean. And speaking of floors being finished, this means we have to move all furniture and clothing out of our bedroom & closet. Which means I have to organize the spare room to fit stuff in there. Which means I'm filling boxes and bags for Goodwill. Which means I need to drop those off this afternoon so we can load the car with the suitcases before bedtime. Which means I should probably take a shower now.

I'm going to get busy right. now.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Good thing you're taking a vacation after all this!

Ami said...

I was wondering what's going on with you.

Sounds like too much.

Safe and fun journey... return refreshed and optimistic.
Or at least a little more relaxed.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I am extremely distracted by the pretty blue (cornflower?) background and the PERFECT masthead.


Also . . . you NEED to rest my dear friend!

brandy101 said...

Oh man, good luck getting it all done and have a great trip!

Very Mary said...

That kinda makes me realize why I'm glad I'm taking a new path.

Alison said...

Oh man, I hear ya. It's tough when the students are infected with spring fever. Mine keep bugging me to let them watch movies. Not every day, I say!

Have a wonderful trip!

JCK said...

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

shrink on the couch said...

The Chocolate War soundtrack turned me into a Yaz fan. Upstairs at Erics is an amazing CD. A couple of the songs are on my workout thingamabob mp3 player. If only I could find my thingamabob mp3player.

I have a really hard time packing for myself. When I added my three kids to the mix, I thought I would lose my mind each and every time we were vacation bound. I am serious when I say I needed a vacation from the packing alone.

shrink on the couch said...
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shrink on the couch said...

Hey, I took the day off from the office tomorrow to spend the day with my kids but now it turns out they've all made plans and don't need me here (in one case of teens invited over, I will clearly be in the way). What if I just showed up at Disneyland?!

Fantastic Forrest said...

I was feeling all smug about having my kids pack their own bags (actually, they insisted on doing so) until I discovered Daring Daughter had only packed 2 shirts for the 7 days. Can I borrow some of your OCD?

Miss you guys. SoCal is not nearly as fun without you.

psychomom said...

Wow...and here I was feeling sorry for myself and MY obsessions. :) I hope your vacation was funny-fun-fun, and that you came home refreshed and ready to tackle the end-of-the-school-year madness. Love hearing your "teacher" stories...makes me ever so glad I didn't choose that path.


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