Tuesday, January 3, 2012

3/365 "beginnings"

this is beginning
to become a bad habit:
tardy Christmas cards


dkuroiwa said...

birds of a feather....
it's a great comfort to know.
soon...holiday rush.

my holiday message this year will also include valentine's day...you know, to cover all my bases.

Alison said...

Idkuroiwa, I am sending Valentine's Day cards too! I got the idea from a book. With one kid's birthday in December, I just don't have time to do Christmas cards--but I will be able to get a decent picture, order, address, and mail the cards by Feb. 14.

Now I'm starting to doubt that I'll even do that. Oh well, I'm still hoping I can make it happen!

JCK said...

Happy New Year, Bad Mom! Love your 365 photo project.

I believe when the holiday cards arrive at the homes of your friends, they will be glad to get them - no matter the date. :)


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