Wednesday, August 1, 2007

take a look at me now

In my quest to write something (preferably interesting, possibly thought-provoking) each day, I have grabbed onto the daily fun stuff at Crazy Hip Blog Mamas. Today we revisit Childhood Dreams. I figured instead of trying to scare up a memory - which I would just warp through my grown-up hindsight - I will submit an actual piece of my 14-year old brain. For your reading pleasure, I am posting an essay I wrote for my beloved 9th grade English teacher Mrs. Parker back in 198#*$(%&*cough*. We were writing about our Labor Day weekend plans for the year 2000. This is exactly what I said, with utter seriousness (maybe later I'll scan it to show off my darling fluffy cursive):
Saturday morning my family rushes out of our newly built deluxe contemporary semi-solar house in Seattle, Washington. After a quick breakfast on the road we head for the airport. We arrive in Disneyland about 9:00 AM and we stay there all day. We already have reservations at the Disneyland Hotel so we spend the night there.

Sunday we visit the Movieland Wax Museum for a few hours then fly to New York City to watch the "new" Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. Most of the afternoon is spent touring the city. We visit with friends in the evening.

Early Monday morning my daughter, my friend Michiko, and I go shopping at the fine stores in the city while my husband and son go yachting with good friend, Jacques Cousteau. Late afternoon is the time when we fly home. I attend the Annual Psychologists of the World Convention in downtown Seattle.
I must say a couple of things. First of all, I am so so thankful I did not mention going to McDonald's because I would never hear the end of it from my now-friends. Next, I love how the teenage me had to include the descriptions "newly built" and "deluxe contemporary" (whatever that is supposed to mean) when describing our house. What does it say about me that I knew how important it would be to make reservations at the Disneyland Hotel (and, in fact, to plan this whole weekend to the final detail)? I am excited that I correctly predicted the sexes of my 2 children, though clearly I expected to have them much earlier than I really did. On the actual Labor Day 2000, I had an almost-2-year old and a 2-month old infant. Although Paige probably would have loved some new swag from "the fine stores" in NYC even at that age. Finally, who is not howling about the image of me at a Psychologists of the World Convention? That is rich, Teenage Me; you rock.


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

That was good stuff. If you continue writing 2 to 3 posts a day, I will still love you, but may die from painstaking, inadequate shame, feeling like a lowly slug. I'm just saying...

(And kidding, of course.)

Suzanne said...

That was fantastic. A while back I found some "romantic poetry" I wrote during my early teens. It was... wow.

It would be great to have a day-by-day account of how you actually spent Labor Day weekend '00. With a two month old, I'm assuming there was much napping and diaper changing...which beats even the NEW! Rockettes any day.

Anonymous said...

ugggg. Glad to know your dream of a "semi-solar house" has come true; the sun shines in our house and makes it hot. Ta-da, semi-solar house!

I'm sure my writings had "dudes", "girls", and fast cars of some type.


Bliss said...

i'll take a "semi-solar house" any day! anything is better than paying duke energy.

i can remember a piece i wrote in 9th grade too. was sposed to be a descriptive piece. (of what, i can't remember...) my english teacher called it the worst piece of "bathos" he'd ever come across. if i'd believed him, i would never have written another word. '-)

Political Season said...

In highschool (all girls w/nuns) we passed notebooks that kept letters we wrote to each other. I had the good sense to collect many of the notebooks at the end, and save them in a baby hamper from childhood. The fact that you wrote something from your youth is enough to put you on my list of favorites - I can't stomach what the notebooks here contain. Great Blog - have really enjoyed eavesdropping on your life.

katydidnot said...

it's important to note how realistic your expectations were. in a similar essay i wrote about the year 2000, i noted that all passageways in my house would be swim tunnels...seemed like a good idea at the time.

Heather said...

How fun! I'm inspired to try to scare up some of my earlier writing...of course I burned all my diaries around 1998, but I have other stuff...I think.

Here from CHBM. Love your mostly sensible 9th grade self.


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