Tuesday, July 31, 2007

shhhh, secrets

Suz tagged me for this series of questions and I can't resist. Not because I'm a total nerd, shut up. Clearly she thinks I have a fantastically naughty side (c'mon, I'm BAD MOM), with lots of sizzling secrets I'm dying to share. So here goes - you sensitive readers may have to shield your eyes occasionally...

This Summer Have You...

1. Had a boyfriend or girlfriend? Imaginary boyfriends, of course (they pay no attention to my moods), and girlfriends? YES, on trampolines, having pillow fights, in our underwear. Every day.

2. Told someone I love you? Oh yes

3. Cried? Oh yes

4. Wanted someone you couldn’t have? Well, not really.

5. Been to the beach? A Hawaiian one actually; I'd like to say I rolled around on the one seen in "From Here to Eternity." But I did not.

6. Talked on the phone all night? You obviously aren't aware of my hate/hate relationship with the telephone. No.

8. Stayed up all night? Not since the PTA auction. Wooooooo! I'm a hellraiser.

9. Went shopping? I don't like your accusatory tone.

10. Went swimming? (This is the sound of me laughing so hard I can't breathe)

11. Been out of state? Yes, Hawaii (and I cross the river into Oregon everyday...Kind of anticlimatic that trip is though)

12. Been asked out? I like to think my husband is "asking me out" when we have dates; seems more exciting that way.

13. Asked someone out? That's what I'm doing when I say "Please call your dad to see if he can watch the kids TONIGHT."

14. Gotten into a car with a stranger? Strange people, yes, but not technically strangers

15. Lost someone close? Thankfully no. Would that be a secret??

16. Slept in someone else’s bed? Why as a matter of fact, YES. My parents' guest bed, a futon in the campsite yurt, and the hotel at Waikiki

17. Had someone sleep in your bed? The frickin' cat hides in there sometimes...

18. Been drunk? Of course not. That's ridiculous. (Look at my straight face! I should win an Oscar)

19. Been to a club? Not yet, she says mysteriously...

20. Been grounded? Wait a minute - are these questions for teenagers?

21. Ran? Let's see, been chased this summer by an axe murderer? No.

22. Regret something? Regret bores me.

23. Been dumped? Not that he hasn't likely pondered it a couple of times...but no.

24. Lied? Certainly not. Did that count?

25. Done anything against the law? (Shield your eyes, sensitive readers!) I have jaywalked, driven over the speed limit, and...oh wait, that's only against the law in certain states.

26. Been camping? Yes, ask the squirrel about it.

27. Been in a fight? I like Suz's term - "heated discussions." There was no blood. A few tears. Sweat afterward.

28. Stayed at a hotel? Yup

29. Flirted with someone? Not that I know of...

30. Skinny dipped? That's kind of like swimming, right? See #10.

31. Gone to a concert? Harry Connick, Jr. at the beginning of June; Fountains of Wayne next month! Eeeeeeeeeeee! They will groan at the sight of me.

32. Gotten in a car crash? Not for lack of trying (JOKE!)

34. Almost died? Figuratively, all the time. Literally, um no. (Again, doubt that would be a secret)

35. Met a celebrity? Alas, Vancouver is not a hot bed of celebrity. Although I imagine I see them all the time, because I am a little delusional. I will post about that soon.
Tag Mama Milton and anyone else who reads this & has a blog. I'm nice like that (and without many blogger friends...*sob*). If you are indeed taking this on from here, please post your link in my comments! That'd be swell.