Thursday, October 18, 2007

to sleep, perchance to...just sleep, that's all i want

While my diehard PTA board weathers the storm of, well, actual weather along with the craziness that is our Picture Day company, I stay home with my sick child. Go to my list blog to read what I hope to do in the few hours I have before heading to teach. And then, I'm out the door as soon as my last student hits the sidewalk so I can come home to nap.

Happy Thursday - the weekend is almost here! There will be more sleeping...


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

pHere's the preliminary reports: all is going well. I repeat, all seems to be going mighty fine at the school.

So glad.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing barf duty this morning. I'll trade you washing Rocky in the tub.

The Girl and I had a good time watching Sponge Bob during my shift on kid patrol.

We can put the flannel sheets on tonight and you can sleep in softness.

I was verified by gdcxnnupu! Sounds like something you step in.


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