Friday, October 19, 2007


My cold has created not only the requisite stuffed nose and scratchy throat, but also these remarkable new sore eye socket & swollen ear feelings; the leftover Chinese food from dinner has engulfed the entire kitchen counter area, except where dirty dishes abound; the movie I picked to watch with my best friend & our husbands (Music & Lyrics) was roundly disliked by the best friend even though it has the required happy ending; I am profoundly tired and should sleep for at least 12 hours, yet ought to be up and ready for a 9 am meeting with Friends of the Library tomorrow.

HOWEVER, if I sit up very straight, I can breathe through my nose and if I don't talk or swallow my throat feels okay. The eyes & ears are manageable when I distract myself with the other symptoms. The Chinese food was delicious and my amazing, fantastic, Mark Wahlberg-lookalike husband (love you, babe!) is cleaning every surface as I type. I personally loved the movie even though, as my mysteriously irritated best friend kept pointing out, Drew & Hugh are 15 years apart; my Fountains of Wayne wrote a bunch of songs for the soundtrack and "Radiation Vibe" was playing in the background of one scene (I'm not obsessed, don't judge). I mention that my friend's reaction is mysterious because her annoyance with this happy sappy lovey-dovey story confuses me, considering her words after seeing The Hours with me were "Don't ever make me watch a movie like that again." Music & Lyrics is the polar opposite of The Hours. How do I win this game?

I digress. More bright side: We drank good wine then pilfered the secret stash of Halloween candy; I am momentarily going directly to bed, possibly without taking the two minutes to brush my teeth so I can down some Nyquil, and I might skip the Friends meeting (though I will remain quite friendly with our library nonetheless, I promise) to sleep until lunchtime.

You know what they say: Always look on the bright side of life...