Wednesday, November 21, 2007

alternate reality

The reason I still haven't started laundry or cleaned my house is this:

You will live in shack.
You will drive a butter yellow outback.
You will marry gael and have 0 kids.
You will be a teacher in london.

(It's MASH, played online. Who has all this time to create irresistibly torturous games for me??)
Thanks a lot, Betty.


katydidnot said...

this is fun, but what i really want to see is what you put in for the choices. i'm pretty sure i can gues the boys' names list.

marky mark
that guy from batman
professor snape
edward norton (he made my list)

i hope you threw stu in for good measure. who's gael?

stephanie said...

Wow, for a cyber bff you know me pretty well!

Of course Mark and yes, Christian Bale and my wonderful first husband Stu. Then Ryan Gosling just because I've recently developed an unhealthy obsession with him (after Lars). Snape, Edward, and Dax would have been great options...

Gael is my Mexican boyfriend; IMDb him, he's delicioso. (As are YOU, husband :)).

Rebecca said...

Were you playing MASH?


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