Monday, November 5, 2007

i feel regal, oh so regal

How was I Queen today? Let me count the ways...

I was Queen of the Morning, actually getting out of bed a record-breaking 30 minutes after the alarm. I was ready & out the door by 7:49, putting me in the classroom two hours before my first class - I graded those papers and was able to provide my long-suffering students (the ones who were desperate to know if what they turned in put them into the "passing" category) some respite.

I was Queen of Cool Teachers with my freshman English class - six students out of 18 showed up for this next-to-last day of the quarter so instead of the writing assignment I was going to give, I pulled up a video version of a short story we had read ("The Monkey's Paw" - it's a pretty awful rendition; watch at your own risk of embarrassment for the bad actors), led a short discussion of how & why it was different than the story, then allowed for a free-flowing 40 minute gab session. We chatted about the best scary movies; taste buds and favorite weird food combinations; pets we've had (and how they died, were killed, or otherwise maimed); and what is NPR. Then I let them play with my basket of puzzles and games for 15 minutes. And I gave them chocolates.

I was Queen of PTA at our board meeting, which is to say I am purely a figurehead in the organization; I do nothing of substance. I barely remember the rudimentary parts of Roberts Rules of Order and I frequently forget to be neutral in discussions. Seriously, I do not jest - when I'm able to be at my kids' school, I basically smile and wave at everyone. People who need things will occasionally speak to me and I point them to the appropriate person for answers (rarely myself). Most of the time anyone with a question, comment, rant or request harasses one of my co-vice presidents. They are like the Prime Ministers, God bless them.

I was Queen of Preparedness, putting snacks into backpacks and setting up lunch fixings in the fridge and on the counter for ease of packing in the morning. Truly I feel giddy at having completed this step right now instead of waiting until I'm bleary-eyed and grumbly at 6:30 a.m. I don't know why I just discovered this tactic a couple of weeks ago...

I am Queen of Poorly Chosen Evening Snacks. I am in the process of eating a fourth slice of toasted French bread with margarine and am considering making another. And I'll have a glass of wine while watching the missed episode of "Survivor." And I'll surely raid the Halloween leftovers before bedtime. Let's call these rewards for a Monday well executed, shall we?

You may kiss my ring.


katydidnot said...

you are also queen of the good monday post. yay you!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

This PM moves quickly through the school these days, repelling offensive ranters in my wake.

I'm not inviting the crazy.

So, I kiss your ring and bow to your glorious post - great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Uggggg, don't encourage her. ;)



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