Tuesday, November 6, 2007

master of disguise

Who knew changing earrings would render me unrecognizable to my own children? Yet that is what Paige said when I picked her up from Mad Science this afternoon - "I LOVE YOUR EARRINGS! I ALMOST DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS YOU!" This, transcribed here in the exact all-caps tone she used, caused her instructor to glance at me strangely; I'm not sure if she was curious about just what was hanging from my lobes or if she thought I might really be a kidnapper in a clever mom-costume.

I don't know what came over me this morning, but I decided to give the diamond studs a rest. Basically, they've been the only things in my ears nearly every day since my 7-year old was born. They are timeless, classy, and go with everything, I tell my lazy self. But today my fall red sweater begged for something different, and there were the simple wires with cranberry beads, waiting to be called up. I was hyper-aware of them all day; I kept thinking they were falling out (one actually did plop onto my keyboard early on). Luckily none of my students were confused by my appearance. Frankly, I'm surprised when they notice I'm wearing clothing at all. I have two students who used to compliment me daily on my outfits, which felt good but at the same time made me tell them I dreaded the day they said nothing. Ha ha! Ha. Well. That day came a few weeks ago; I'm pretty sure they just got bored with the game. I'm trying not to care.

Tomorrow, I might go for the vintage black gem drops. You might not know it's me though. I'll be like a ninja. Beware.