Wednesday, December 5, 2007

eye of the shopper

Even though I'm still dancing around the idea of living The Compact, I had a compulsion to visit the [gulp] mall tonight. The pretense was finding items for the people my kids had selected from their school's Giving Tree this week - I don't want to get too creative & funky with the desires of those in need and besides, I don't think anyone at Etsy is making dresses or watches yet.

But really, I felt the need to go and accomplish something. I was out of Clinique soap plus needed to deliver a long-overdue Pampered Chef order to a friend (my party was at the end of October - sorry again & again, Nicole!) and she lives by the mall so I figured I'd burst in there, grab the goods then get the hell out of Dodge. I parked at Nordstrom because I was getting my soap there and somehow it just feels better entering the asylum mall through a classy store that smells good and doesn't scream WELCOME TO WHITE TRASH WORLD! TWO FOR ONE PIERCINGS TODAY! ENGORGE SOME KARAMEL KORN WHILE YOU WAIT!
(I really have issues with this place).

Well, if you give a mom a minute...I figured I should pick up a new eyeliner while I was at the Clinique counter because I've found it really is worth the ridiculous cost. I tried to be thrifty and use the .97 kind at Target last week and nearly scratched the skin from my eyelids. So I told the darling young Hali I also needed the "cream shaper for eyes" in a chocolatey brown. Being a trained salesgirl, she first picked up a darker color, marked on her hand and pronounced it "Dark, but has a really pretty green undertone" before swiping a lighter shimmery honey color. Frowning, "No, too light." Being a trained (but recovering, slowly) shopaholic, I nodded and smiled until she found the Chocolate Lustre I wanted. However, Hali was paying attention and had noticed my slight interest in the darker Egyptian liner; she sweetly asked if I always use the brown? Because this one would realllly bring out your eyes...Would you like me to put some on you? Suddenly, I am six and YES! I want you to put makeup on me! Clapping and bouncing!

I bought the Chocolate Lustre and the Egyptian. But I was able to resist the shimmery base and eye shadow duo! (This time).


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Look at you & your new sassy eyeliner.

You look great!

Something good can come from the mall - who knew?

{We will be making the journey to see Santa soon. I am NOT waiting until the 23rd, like last year. I almost died.}

Anonymous said...

very nice my love.


Anonymous said...

i really do forgive you :)

katydidnot said...

fabulous. i think we just need to go shoe and scarf shopping now to feel really complete.

Suzanne said...

Wow... it really DOES bring out your eyes. You're not Bad Mom, you're Hot Mom! Way to give in to sales pressure, it really worked out for ya!


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