Tuesday, December 4, 2007

somebody give me another assignment, with possibility of prizes

I am now feeling decidedly uncompelled to write a post everyday, when just last week it was feeling as easy as pie (which, honestly, is not all that easy; I've never really understood that simile, unless it's talking about how easy it is to eat pie). Anyway. It's not even that I can't think of anything to write about (though you may suspect that from this asinine beginning), it is the simple fact that I will not do much without an absolute deadline or mandate.

Nearly everything I've ever written has been done the night before it was due. The one time I skipped school (and it was only a couple of classes in the middle of the day) was to finish a paper for my College Prep English class. How embarrassingly nerdy can one be, right? I actually completed a term paper in college two weeks before I could turn it in, and I just about had a nervous breakdown looking it over every day, editing and revising and editing some more. I never finished early again.

On a strangely related note, I have had a bunion on each foot for a few years. I never really noticed them until my dad, who had had one removed, pointed out what they were. Once I knew they were there, I realized these things had indeed been causing me a bit of pain every now & then. But it wasn't actually excruciating pain; I could handle it, and I always felt fine after taking off my shoes. At Stu's insistence, I asked my doctor about how to best deal with them. Fifty minutes and a $20 copay later, I had the same information I'd gotten from WebMd - A bunion can cause discomfort and pain and may make it difficult to walk; Shoes may rub on the bunion, causing pain, blisters, calluses, or sores; Surgery generally is not considered unless you have already tried making changes in footwear and other nonsurgical treatments; The effectiveness of surgery for bunions has not been widely studied. I was as bored as you are, though I also got to be highly irritated at having spent a week's worth of Starbucks cash for nothing.

The point is if my doctor had said "YES YOU NEED SURGERY FOR YOUR BUNIONS," I'd have done it. Apparently, I need An Authority Figure and/or Peer Pressure coupled with the possibility of prizes (praise from a respected teacher, fun handmade stuff, pats on the back from my beloved readers, flowers/pedicure/spa day/chocolate by the bushel) to make my moves.

I do, indeed, know how sad that sounds. Go ahead, tell me to do something and see what happens.


katydidnot said...

hi. can i copy your first paragraph to my blog? i got nothin'. really. just nothin'.

Anonymous said...


stephanie said...

katy: go crazy, girlfriend, glad i can help :)

husband: well done, you; your command is my agenda.

Mrs. G. said...

First, go rub Stu's back. He is Derfwad's third male commenter and, frankly, I like the guy.

Second, you need to be posting 4 to 5 times a week to keep the creative juices flowing. The end. Just do it. Granted this is a selfish demand as I love to come over here and read your posts, but, still, the discipline is good for you. It's good to do what we teach. No?

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I'm having a tough time coming up with anything too. Little weary I guess.

We must find you a pair of Dansko shoes. They are better for your feet. The end.

(We are a bossy lot today.)

Anonymous said...

Worked perfectly. I should try to be bossy more often. I have a feeling that would backfire quickly.


stephanie said...

Mrs. G - The guilt is palpable, yet I wouldn't feel guilty if I didn't believe what you say. Yes, practice what I teach.

Lisa - How can I refuse an offer to shop for new shoes?? Name the time.

Darling husband - Sure, try that. ;)


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