Sunday, December 2, 2007

and now, it's time for a vacation to recover from my retreat

I had a lovely time with my best girlfriends Jen and Lisa, praying, standing (reluctantly), singing/not singing, chatting, reading gossip mags, praying more, shopping, keeping warm, chatting and praying some more...None of us took a camera but I'll try to paint a picture of our experience in the coming days. Right now, I am exhausted from all of that activity.

Stay tuned (Here's a little inspirational hold music for you).


Unknown said...

It's great to hear you had a good time! Sounds like fun!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Oh, I brought a camera, but never managed to use it.

I'm good at that.

Thanks for having me along; rest well & I'll see you this afternoon.

Mrs. G. said...

Hope you came home inspired and restored.

stephanie said...

Momma: Thank you, it was such a good time.

Lisa: Well, I guess I'm just glad we were having so much fun we couldn't be bothered to stop for photos then :)

Mrs. G: I am inspired and mostly restored. I might need another weekend away soon...Hard to tell this early.

brandy101 said...

I clicked the link and read about your reluctant standing/singing - I am the same way!

I'm a Catholic, raised in it, and so I'm used to the traditional liturgical singing times: entrance, psalm, alleluia,consecration, exit. I'm fine with those,although I may just mouth the words at times!

However, sometimes at my Church, when we have small group meetings for the Ministries in which I participate, there is a prayer service, forcing us to STAND and SING in a small group under fluorescent lights. Honestly, its the 5th circle of Hell in my book! I don't care for hand-holding or (God-forbid) hands RAISED in prayer, either. Yech!

Like you, when others are belting out their hymns, I cast my eyes to the ground, hoping to look, at the very least, pensive and respectful; "prayerful" might be a stretch!

I'm Old-skool when it comes to prayer - I do it often but privately, quietly.

Sounds like you had a nice retreat, though :)


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