Saturday, December 15, 2007

in a funk

I don't know what happened in the air today, but not much is going right for me. I'm trying to concentrate on how much I like how my hair turned out, but otherwise - I didn't get the hiking book I wanted to perfect a wedding present (due this afternoon); my stupid skirt was clinging to itself and my legs like an overtired toddler; every inch of my previously beloved $1 garage sale Banana Republic coat was thick with linty bits; my too-expensive Nordstrom tights were puddling at my ankles, making me feel even more matronly than did the dozens of fresh hip young friends of the bride & groom coolly high-fiving at the reception. And it occurs to me now that only old people call twentysomethings "fresh" and "hip."

As soon as we got home from the torture that was an outing in my bad outfit, I put on old jeans and lay down with the covers up to my chin. I tried to close my eyes and think happy fun thoughts about the party we're attending tonight, about me & my man having the whole night to ourselves while the kids hang with Grandpa. But thoughts of the laundry piles around the house and the fact that we're out of detergent and tomorrow's improbable schedule drained what little energy I had left. Of course the only solution was to get out of bed and start writing a blog about my crummy day. (To be fair, the wedding was lovely and I always like showing off my dressed-up man and the reception had good foods that darling Stu delivered to me because I couldn't bear walking another step in my *#&(*#(@ skirt). But first I had to exhibit banshee-like behavior with my bickering children, which only serves to hurt my head and make them think I'm crazy. Then I packed their overnight bags and ate some chocolate.

I might be ready to try a different outfit and make another go at grown-up social interaction. I really hope there are martinis at this party.


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I'm blaming the extended school year, pushing us to the edge.

Given some time to ponder, and I could come up with a host of other reasons.

(I felt like that last weekend. I got tired, thinking ahead.)

Hope you have a fabulous night out with Stu, martinis and Christmas lights.

Mrs. G. said...

I'm sorry you had such a suckafied day. Sometimes you just have to write them off.

I hope you and your first husband had a wonderful time at the party. Martinis do help and I hope you had at least two.

I'm pleased you were at least happy with your hair. That can always go either way.

katydidnot said...

funks suck. i'm sorry. i bet you're already better because if i inferred correctly, you are currently sleeping in with your man because the kids were staying overnight elsewhere. awesome.

Suzanne said...

Sorry that you are in a nasty funk. I was last week (is there something in the air?). Hope yours doesn't last long. Maybe the upcoming Christmas break will help??

Anonymous said...

To bring you all up to date, The Woman and I had a great time at he party. The funk was gone shortly after we arrived.

It was the team I work with and it was nice meeting co-worker's spouses and showing mine off.

There were no martinis but there was wine, dinner and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate shavings, and chocolate sauce.

The Woman would eat a rock if it had enough chocolate on it....


stephanie said...

And it will be good. (The rock with the chocolate).

Thank you all, good readers, for the positive vibes. We didn't get our first choices in the white elephant exchange (Cinetopia & Trader Joe's gift cards), but it was still joyous.

Mrs. G. said...

Well at least you didn't get a frickin' lavender Yankee candle. Some people don't like them I hear.


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