Monday, December 17, 2007

may i be frank?

This is a good news/bad news post. If you're an eternally bright & peppy optimist (or, as I might call you in my current state, "A ray of f*cking sunshine"), you may want to skip the bolded black BAD NEWS parts. Just a little heads-up.

GOOD NEWS: I did not, ultimately, injure my child in any physical way this morning.
BAD NEWS: There will likely be hundreds of hours worth of emotional scarring to talk about later.

GOOD NEWS: The profanity I unleashed during this morning's Insane-A-Thon was not of the George Carlin forbidden variety.
BAD NEWS: It will still, undoubtedly, be repeated at the most inopportune moment (I'm putting my money on in front of my mom, our pastor, or a teacher who already dislikes my kid).

GOOD NEWS: I did not cry in front of any of my classes.
BAD NEWS: I did have one hitched-breath moment, stinging eyes, a couple of deep breathing exercises, and an extended period of sitting in front of my computer playing at after announcing I was "DONE" with one group of students.

GOOD NEWS: So far, I have not been fired.
BAD NEWS: It's only Monday.

GOOD NEWS: Pretty sure insurance will pay for everyone's therapy.
BAD NEWS: I can't find the recommended doctor's number, plus the thought of adding one more scheduled anything to my life makes me even more anxious...

Let's finish on a high note, how about?

BAD NEWS: One of my more content moments this afternoon involved a vision of me being one of those women who enjoys a cocktail (or 5) at 4 pm.
GOOD NEWS: Teachers do not make enough money to indulge in that kind of behavior.

(And, of course, BEST NEWS: My man, children, and God are forgiving and good. Amen to that).