Wednesday, December 19, 2007

it's safe to come out now

Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for having my back this past Monday when I had the brush with a mental breakdown. Your kind words (and many offerings of drinks) bolstered me significantly. Tuesday dawned brightly (figuratively, of course; I don't think the sun actually appeared until lunchtime) and I was very nearly Pollyanna Teacher all day; today was a better blend of the two extremes.

It is a great relief to have people who know just what to do & say when my crazy voices start acting up (which is back away slowly while saying soothing things like "Have a glass of wine, darling. Maybe you should go get some new shoes. And a matching purse. Now hand me the rope.") It's a genuine blessing for me and all those in my general vicinity - they thank you, too. Really, it's A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE (Lisa & Jen & I have been challenging each other to say that without cracking up; we keep failing miserably).

So I'm offering this simple prayer - During the storms of insanity, may you all have friends who lovingly carry you. (And bring cocktails).

With love,