Wednesday, December 19, 2007

it's safe to come out now

Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for having my back this past Monday when I had the brush with a mental breakdown. Your kind words (and many offerings of drinks) bolstered me significantly. Tuesday dawned brightly (figuratively, of course; I don't think the sun actually appeared until lunchtime) and I was very nearly Pollyanna Teacher all day; today was a better blend of the two extremes.

It is a great relief to have people who know just what to do & say when my crazy voices start acting up (which is back away slowly while saying soothing things like "Have a glass of wine, darling. Maybe you should go get some new shoes. And a matching purse. Now hand me the rope.") It's a genuine blessing for me and all those in my general vicinity - they thank you, too. Really, it's A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE (Lisa & Jen & I have been challenging each other to say that without cracking up; we keep failing miserably).

So I'm offering this simple prayer - During the storms of insanity, may you all have friends who lovingly carry you. (And bring cocktails).

With love,


Anonymous said...

I have to keep track of Pack My Suitcase week and act accordingly.

I had not thought of the rope....


Mrs. G. said...

Stu always cracks me up

I couldn't have said it better. Female solidarity (with a side of good husband) is the strongest medicine for just about all that ails you. Glad you're feeling better.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I was just reading the comments on your last post and thought, briefly: well, lookie there, Jen is blogging now.

Oh well.

So glad you are feeling better. I think I will be seeing you at the wrapping party, no?

(Yes, we are very wild women.)

PJ said...

Aah! Those dastardly storms of insanity! Great blog! My first visit.

katydidnot said...

that wasn't nearly long enough! two more days of crazy!

PJ said...

Thanks for stopping by. You're more than welcome to use my photos. I love Frost's poem too!!

Anonymous said...


It is not all Puppies and Posies yet but it is not Banshees and Broomsticks either ;)

I just keep my eye on the prize: Week 1...



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