Thursday, December 20, 2007

ode to the bee on the bus

We doubted the boy who said you were there
Flying and buzzing around our close air.
"It's winter," we said, "it's too cold
for bees to be out & about; that's bold."

But lo, we saw your noble wings aflutter
while your legs slipped on the window like butter.
We all rallied to dry the misty glass
so you could climb & get out, but alas -

The bus quick-bumped and you tumbled down
then sped high, confused, and meandered around.
Across the aisle you flew in haste
to another window, no time to waste.

Those sitting there were scared by you;
they panicked and flailed, unsure what to do.
Before we could advise they grabbed a sack
and took your life with an ignoble THWACK.

This crude work inspired by the true events of this morning's field trip to a retirement center with my 7-year old daughter. She cried all the way back to school after this tragedy. RIP, courageous winter bee.