Friday, December 21, 2007

merry christmas to all

Because I'm so frickin' proud I got this finished before Christmas (no guarantees it will actually be sent by tomorrow, however), I wanted to share the joy. Faithful readers are privy to most of this (yay you!) but in case you're feeling left out of inside jokes, I've conveniently inserted linkage where available. You are welcome; consider it my gift to you and don't feel you have to reciprocate.

The alphabet soup version of the Spencer year, just for you.

A – Accident-free for 351 days!
B – Blogs ~ Stephanie writes two wildly amusing ones (and A-Lister is feeling neglected...Please visit)
C – Clubs ~ Paige enjoys being a Sunshine Singer and luckily possesses far more talent than her parents; Mason still rocks the Chess Club with his Harry Potter game set
D – Domesticated rodent Sniffers the Hamster was welcomed into our home on Paige’s 7th birthday
E – Eyeglasses for the boy this year, and the girl will not likely be far behind
F – Football ~ Ecstasy (and relief) in the Spencer household as the Cowboys head to the playoffs!
GGold Beach vacation with The Beattys featuring a jet boat ride on the Rogue River (for everyone but Stephanie; see H )
HHawaii! Where everything was delightful except for Stephanie’s kayak panic attack (and L )
I – Intrepid Rose Festival attendees Mason & Paige braved the bungee launch for kids
J – Journey, still our church though Stephanie is on hiatus from teaching the jr. high group
K – Karts, the Go kind. Paige & her mom kicked butt all over the track in Oak Harbor (which may be a leading indicator of T…)
LLost luggage, including Stephanie’s fabulous blue eyeglasses & funky handmade necklaces :(
M – Mazda, a new red one for Stu that smells really good and has lots of fancy features. Namely, newness.
NNifty job for Stephanie! Teaching English electives at Hayes Freedom, an alternative HS
O – Office! Stephanie’s classroom has a separate office (that she can’t figure out what to do with
really except decorate and fill with snacks…)
PPTA president, a role Stephanie accepted before being hired at HFHS and so she is
unrecognizable to most people at the kids’ school
Q – Quality grown-up time was spent in Seattle with Jimmie & Adam and other big city revelers
RRetreat, taken by Stephanie & her best girlfriends to Cannon Beach, OR (which they left mere hours before the raging windstorm closed the highway home)
S – St. Helens; we made a trip up the mountain in the Cobra, then went camping with the kids
& the Beattys during which we enjoyed a spectacular lightning storm, saw a deer up close,
and caught a squirrel stealing our spicy Wasabi peanuts (he seemed very sorry later)
TTicket, for speeding ? Stephanie doesn’t know what you’re talking about…And neither does Stu. But our insurance agent would be happy to discuss how such things affect one’s rates.
U – Unbelievable ~ we had FIVE snow days in a row last January ! It was horrifying super fun!
VVictoria, B. C. via ferry was lovely for fun-loving couples (Spencers & Beattys) in August
W – WSU beating the Huskies at Apple Cup ~ feels so good even when we’re not there to witness it
X – eXtracurricular activities included outings to Gilbert Ranch & the Homestead for our little
Webelo & Brownie Scouts
Y – Yes, Stu is still working for Hewlett-Packard and loves it dearly (Keep buying H-P products! Stephanie’s wardrobe & hair stylist thank you)
Z - Ze end. Have a wonderful 2008!