Tuesday, December 25, 2007

who doesn't need a little christmas wrapping?

Seriously, this was my holiday fantasy for many junior high & high school years. Maybe a couple of college years. I envisioned myself as this cool, aloof girl (always fashionably dressed, something involving leg warmers) who runs into an adorably sexy shy guy (Paul Rudd-like) every month then finally meets up with him at Christmas (when we "laugh & laugh"). This was another song I taped from the radio onto a cheap KMart cassette. And listened to constantly. I am not obsessive.

So deck those halls, trim those trees, raise up cups of Christmas cheer! Have a very retro holiday on me. (So retro there really is no video in this video, other than the changing scenes of the record label).

Oh, and here's another little present from me to you. Just look though, he's my secret Yuletide boyfriend...


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

The kids and I are jamming with you - this song always makes me feel youngish.

We're still waiting for Greg.

Suzanne said...

Oooooh, Paul Rudd... I'm with you on that one, sister!

Merry Christmas, Stephanie! Hope your day was great!

Mrs. G. said...

I have never heard this wonderful song! And Paul Rudd? Did you hear that? That's the sound of my knees buckling.

Moxy Jane said...

This is one of my favorite holiday songs...along with Santa and His Ol' Lady by Cheech and Chong...and I NEVER hear it anymore. Thanks for putting it out there!


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