Saturday, December 22, 2007

a new addiction for the new year

I've told you about the soothing qualities of Now there is Traveler IQ Challenge to occupy my nonexistent spare time! As if it wasn't degrading enough to find out my vocabulary is less than stellar (being an English major and all), this new site lets me know I'm not the brilliant cosmopolite I had believed either. Although I did just barely miss moving on to Level 5 in my first try (biggest DUH was being about 1500 km away from Portugal; I think I put Lisbon somewhere in Turkey). And I have earned 1400+ grains of rice for hungry people (which is about 14 bowls; go me, saving the world!)

But I'm keeping you from trying these aneurysm-inducing really fun & educational games yourself! There is a link for FreeRice in my sidebar and I've embedded Traveler IQ Challenge at the bottom of this page. So you can plan anytime you come back to visit me!*
*Websites intended for entertainment & educational purposes only. The author of this blog assumes no liability for readers' reactions to these games, including but not limited to blurred vision, massive migraines, carpel tunnel syndrome, seizures, broken computer monitors, nightmares, or prolonged crying.


Bathsheba said...

Traveler IQ is great but I found myself almost saying out loud "Silly me! Of course I knew that that was Taiwan and not Thailand." Also, shaming. I got all the Middle East ones wrong. Season's Greetings to Bad Mom and all her visitors

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I tried the FreeRice - aaahhhh - it's addictive.

My inner nerd rejoices...

KJ said...

Ohholymolasses, I thought Free Rice was my very own dirty little secret.

the laughing gypsy said...

yay freerice! i LOVE freerice --and can sit happily on my moral highgroung for wasting--i mean investing--valuable time playing it. after all, who doesn't want to feed the world!

Happy New Year! A Laughing Gypsy


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