Tuesday, January 1, 2008

captain's log, stardate 1.01.2008

Day one of the noble, perhaps foolhardy, mission to post something everyday. For a year. I think I kind of forgot how long a year actually is when I read the invitation to join Blog365. Although I guess they aren't trying to be particularly tricky, considering they call themselves Blog 365. Duh. I must have had a blackout during which the conscious Me thought three hundred sixty five seemed like a small number.

Anyway, here I am and here it is - the first day of the new year. Hoorah! According to my "resolutions," I should have been in bed 42 minutes ago so I can be fresh & ready to rock the day in approximately six hours. Huh. Well.

How about we just put another cute boy picture here and call it good:

Second husband #7 is writing me a personal Happy New Year note. I'll ask him to pen one for you, too. I love to watch him in action...


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I was too intimidated by this 365 mandate - I freeze up and become uninspired.

Which probably means I need serious mental health help.

Happy new year, friend.

I will miss you this week!

katydidnot said...

happy new year! here's to a cute boy a day for 365 days!

Mrs. G. said...

Not too shabby. Good luck with 365.
Happy New Year to my favorite bad mama jama.

Linda said...

A personal love note from The Bard, wow! Or is it Joseph Fiennes who is writing it? Ah well, either one would be "Fiennes"


Anonymous said...

Niiiiiice pic. I'll be back for more cute boy pics.


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