Tuesday, January 1, 2008

captain's log, stardate 1.01.2008

Day one of the noble, perhaps foolhardy, mission to post something everyday. For a year. I think I kind of forgot how long a year actually is when I read the invitation to join Blog365. Although I guess they aren't trying to be particularly tricky, considering they call themselves Blog 365. Duh. I must have had a blackout during which the conscious Me thought three hundred sixty five seemed like a small number.

Anyway, here I am and here it is - the first day of the new year. Hoorah! According to my "resolutions," I should have been in bed 42 minutes ago so I can be fresh & ready to rock the day in approximately six hours. Huh. Well.

How about we just put another cute boy picture here and call it good:

Second husband #7 is writing me a personal Happy New Year note. I'll ask him to pen one for you, too. I love to watch him in action...