Tuesday, January 8, 2008

freaking out

This just in: People in Hollywood are ruining my best party ever.

Perhaps I am overstating the situation, and I suppose I'm being unsympathetic to the writers who probably have very good reasons for ruining my party their work stoppage. It's just that I so look forward to the fun of the Oscars - I get to wear my $13-on-clearance-at-Sears black taffeta & satin long skirt and put out my 'red carpet' (two table runners found at Goodwill) and print ballots for everyone to vote on the awards and have a table full of decadent finger foods & desserts served on pretty bronze glass plates and sweet white & gold china saucers and give little prizes & SWAG bags to my fabulous friends. All of that hard work...down the drain. And for what? Some writers not getting enough money. Geez. It's like they're not even thinking of us.


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I am striken too. It might explain my mood. I love the Golden Globes - they drink up and sometimes the recipient is in the potty when the call out the winner.

It doesn't bode well for your party. And we've seen A LOT of movies too.


But as bloggers, little paid (well, not paid) and sad, I support the writers. Go writers!

(See my fist, in solidarity. Now please, please settle this soon.)

stephanie said...

I do very very much support the writers - I'm afraid my facetiousness was clouded by my real grief for the party...I, too, pump my fist in a Power to the Writing People way, but with a tiny whimper for the Oscar ceremony...
I am verified by: fqqdfpbq. Who writes that stuff??

katydidnot said...

i think you should have the party anyway and donate the proceeds (are there proceeds?) to the writers. any excuse for decadent finger foods!

verified by: wrvtjiss=who really verifies this junk is super stupid...that worked out well

Mrs. G. said...

Thank you very much for validating my own shallow pain.

The Oscars are like my Christmas.

Suzanne said...

Ok, do you really throw a party like that? Because that is FABULOUS! What a great idea... so what types of stuff do you usually put in the swag bags? Dollar Store stuff? Can I come next year?

Camellia said...

Hey...I'm on Suzanne's page. Also Katydidnot's. And even if somebody else has a drought, I hate it when it rains on my parade.


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