Tuesday, January 8, 2008

bring home a cowboy tonight

For your Tuesday pleasure, I am rerunning a post in honor of today's video release of the delicious Western spectacle (oh, and it's a good movie, too) 3:10 to Yuma. This time, with pictures! You're so welcome. Now get thee to a Blockbuster.
formerly posted as "get me on the 3:10 to yuma. NOW"
Someone is getting the hang of marketing action-adventure-tough guy movies these days. It's mysterious to me that they hadn't figured this out before the last couple of years. I suppose it really started with Brokeback Mountain - those fresh-faced, lonely-eyed boys with Southern accents & snug jeans. Thank you, Focus Features. The fact that they were gay lovers was far, far beside the point. I would have watched that movie if they just sat on a porch for two hours.

Brokeback got us good...

Then Martin Scorsese's people got smart and gave me sweet-faced tough guys - three of them! All serious and flawed and damaged, loyal in their own ways. I love Scorsese and would see his stuff anyway, though usually not in the theater on opening weekend. But The Departed? You betcha. An offer I couldn't refuse for sure.

Good fellas all in a row

And speaking (dreaming) of young Mr. Wahlberg, the Shooter trailer wisely showed him in backwoods, long-haired recluse mode for only 30 seconds before going big guns with the grown-up Marky Mark, all chiseled & brooding yet vulnerable. Yes, please, I'd LOVE to go watch a movie about government corruption with lots of guns and explosions and car chases. Absolutely. (I'm actually kind of amazed I remember what it was really about).

Let me help you get out of that bandage...

Now we've got 3:10 to Yuma and suddenly I am all wiggly about a Western. A WESTERN. Though Lionsgate strangely omitted any barechested scenes of Russell or Christian (surely there will be some, right?) in the trailers, they teased with plenty of sweat and grit and low cowboy voices around the campfire. Oh, and the story sounds interesting too. I think. Something about a train?

The good...

The bad...(the very very naughty...)

The nothing close to ugly.

Allll aboard.