Monday, January 7, 2008

and the planets align (i'm just guessing)

Wow, I had a pleasant day. [My apologies to anyone reading this who, in fact, had a terribly shitty day (I do know how that feels - which is what makes the pleasantness feel so much more, well, pleasant).] This is an especially satisfying thing to say on a Monday. After a PTA meeting.

So I got out of bed at a reasonable time (I'm finding having weird dreams helps me get up; this morning there was something going on about my father-in-law and buying antiques and I think I was lost somewhere cold), ate some cashews (better than my typical nothing), read e-mails and a couple of blogs, and was still able to get presentable AND help my kids with breakfast & hairbrushing (not at the same time). I arrived at school earlier than usual, had everything I needed copied and organized on time, my classes were particularly attentive (I made sure nothing was unzipped or unbuttoned or otherwise exposing inappropriate parts). We had a delightful recent college grad tour around the classrooms, claiming he would like to teach with us. I don't mean to sound dubious but when I was offered this job, my principal half-jokingly mentioned (a few times) that she was hiring the only person who would substitute at the school. We are currently employing our fourth science/math teacher within a three year span. Finding someone else who wants to be with us is exciting but since our hopes have been dashed often, we've become wary.

After school I finished a few key tasks before heading to pick up the kids and seeing no one needing to accost harangue greet me, we went over to Starbucks. Cute boy barista working, bonus. We were back in plenty of time for the PTA meeting; all went well with me actually remembering when to ask for motions and seconds and votes and such (it really is exhausting). No tense silences this time. Well, maybe one. Or two. But they were brief and we got through everything on the agenda before any of the children in attendance fell apart. Even better, before any of the grown-ups did.

Good (smart) husband brought home the chicken/bacon/garlic/artichoke heart pizza one of my students tipped me off to today (I'm thinking extra credit for them both; different versions, of course). Homework done without sadness, time to write a post in peace, wine in the fridge patiently waiting for the kids to get in bed. I bet I could find a piece of chocolate somewhere, too. Ah, life is beautiful.