Sunday, January 6, 2008

negotiations, weird dreams, more worship

I bargained my way out of church today, which I realize sounds quite heathen of me but the reasoning goes like this: If I am to attend church, I need to get up early enough to help get the kids ready (including a decent breakfast) and get myself showered & looking pleasant, then it is 15 minutes driving there, an hour and some minutes for the message and visiting, another 15 minutes back home (unless we stop at Home Depot or Target or somewhere else along the way for "just a minute"). So I begged out on the presumption that I would use all of that time to get done most of the chores I avoided yesterday - and no, I did not get into a negligee, pour a drink, pop a Valium OR take a nap. And I certainly did not look like the young Elizabeth Taylor. Sigh.

You might notice that I am not yet doing any of the things I told my family I would be doing while they worshipped the Lord without me. Because it's really important that I tell you about a dream I had and what I've figured it to mean. You could learn stuff from me.

Essentially, in the dream I had married a guy who looked like someone I went to high school with - disarmingly cute and sweet but kind of, well, slowish. The kind of guy who very much advanced on his looks & charm and relied on others to fill in the blanks of intellectual conversations. Such as, how to butter toast. The thing is, someone who seemed like my actual husband Stu was in the dream but we had for unknown reasons been apart, and in the meantime I needed to marry the other guy. When I thought about my slow (but sooo darling) husband, I felt sympathy for him but I also really liked the way he adored me. As I recounted this to Stu, he compared my dream relationship this way: "You mean you liked him to pet you and love you and keep you?" And the answer was YES, YES I DID. I decided what I need is more worship in my world. Worship of me. Which makes the skipping church so very much more damning.


Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

And really? What's so bad about that...

I didn't want to go to church this morning; I hardly made it. But I was so happy I trudged my way there (yes, trudge - Jesus wept at my bad attitude) because I was rewarded with Don Miller. Have I mentioned how much I love listening to him speak? It's sorta like David Sedaris/Anne Lamott - he inspires and amuses me, all at once.

So, peace be with you, laundry lady, full of grace. I think you are swell. (Not quite worship, but mighty close.)

Anonymous said...

Luckily for me, we have the option of Saturday night Mass, and even a Sunday NIGHT Mass so no excuses for those among us in our parish who aren't "morning people" (I say, raising my hand.)

Somehow, I anticipated not feeling well today and went last night, and I was glad I did, as my fave priest was running the show and offered a great sermon. I'm still thinking about his words today, even though I am feeling yukky...

But anyway...

I hope you are getting many things done today and take time out to say a prayer for yourself and your great hubby :)

Anonymous said...

Your dumb husband would have liked this post ;)

So are you saying I'm smart but not adorable?

Thanks for getting the Christmas stuff moving closer to the closet.

-Stu (your smart husband)

stephanie said...

First of all, the Christmas stuff is BACK IN THE CLOSET, Smart Husband. And you are also adorable. Geez.

Thanks much Lisa & Brandy for the back-up with God, and the good wishes.

Mrs. G. said...

Well, you know you always have a spot with me in the fiery depths of hell...but I'm not sure you've actually done enough sinful sinning. Work on that, would you?

katydidnot said...

i can definitely be of help on the "more sinful sinning" bit. i'm good at that. like, seriously good at it.

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for your blacked soul as I type!

(pause for prayer)

Oh wait, I stayed home Sunday to listen to politics and pay bills.

(pause for prayer for me instead)

I had fun doing dinner and panty shopping last night my Superfriend! David would like to think we shared a dressing room while trying on naught lacy things. He worked so hard on the visuals I just let him go with it!

Much Love,
Jen B:)


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