Monday, April 14, 2008

miss behaving

The fabulous Jenn at Juggling Life has bestowed upon me this blogging tiara. It is perfect, I love it, and am so honored. She wished she could have given it to me in time for Stu's homecoming, but that's alright - I will have plenty of other occasions & places [grocery store] to wear it. We are going to Vegas this weekend...I'm imagining a tiara will not look out of place there.

I will now pass on this shiny bauble to my real life bff Lisa, who is still recovering from her Disneyland trip (where she could have worn it to hang with the princesses, darn).

And I think even the tattooed Cami would like a fancy crown; and I bet the sometimes naughty Miss Burrows will find an exciting way to sport it.

Now, I want to put mine on and feel pretty & sweet while I do laundry and eat brie with my man.


CamiKaos said...


ahem. I love them. A lot.

Now I want to all get together and where tiaras and have cocktails...

THANK YOU SO MUCH... and to think I actually popped in just now to double check the link I made giving YOU an award was working... it is working... now come get your bloggy love.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

A shiny tiara was just what I needed today - thank you.

(But like I said, that coat you were sporting today? Happy happy happy. Add a tiara and the world's yours.)


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