Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the day of strange (but important) conversations

First let me describe an incident that occurred yesterday (other than the demonic possession of certain individuals) when a student asked if we had any new kids in our Advocacy (like homeroom) class; I didn't think so. She thought that was a bummer because she had met one of them and thought he was cool. Another student said, "Oh, was it X?" (X standing for the name of my Grocery Store Hottie, and apparent new kid at my school). They kept talking while I quietly pretended to not be freaking out. I was tempted to ask lots of questions about this new X but was pretty sure it would sound weird, if not entirely perverted. So, what's he look like? Tall? Cute hair? Little eyeliner? Totally hot?? Um.

Anyway, I did not figure out yesterday if our X is actually my X. But today there was a new student in the class I was supervising who needed to go to the computer lab; I asked his name and PRAISE JESUS it was X and he is not, in fact, my [not so] secret crush. I have a feeling the look of utter relief on my face when he told me his name was puzzling, but that is far better than the look of blushing horror I would have worn if Grocery Boy showed up in my classroom.

And later, I engaged in some other interesting encounters & conversations with other students. It is all part of my evil plan to build rapport and establish meaningful relationships with them through which I will wickedly impart actual knowledge of various subjects. Learn from me:
  • Salvia is a new fun thing to smoke and IT'S LEGAL. That was a really important fact they wanted to emphasize.
  • Watching other people fall down and do stupid things is hilarious.
  • Having 12 hours to complete missing work doesn't matter when your friends are around during those 12 hours.
  • Dark blue denim can apparently only be seen by females; two boys insisted a girl's jeans were black even when I made them put their black shoes next to the girl and it was obvious they were different colors.
  • If one had to eat a baggie of pot in order to avoid being arrested for possession, it wouldn't taste bad. (I respectfully disagreed; they shook their heads at my ignorance).

Tune in tomorrow when I will surely have more fun facts to pass on.