Friday, June 13, 2008

apologies around

I started the day with a very cool vibe - graduation last night went SPECTACULARLY [more later] then I had delicious little pizza rolls with my man; got up & ready early; had an oatmeal carmelita + soy chai on the way to school. Once I got there, a few brown-nosers good kids were coerced volunteered to round up all the recycling in the building. Good stuff.

Then. Only a handful of students bothered showing up for Leadership (sun shining = school skipping? Obviously I've failed them somehow) and those who did attend were already caught up with their work. Not my problem, sure, but a bit of a drag. I did, however, bring Little Debby Fat Snacks Nutty Bars as a treat for the faithful.

Advocacy was also a bit sparse, but at least those who came were working to put their folders together. But in Literature, we're watching The Great Gatsby and comparing it to the novel - that's kind of fun, right? I mean, it's a MOVIE DAY. With SNACKS. Bitch bitch bitching about how OLLLLLLLD the movie is and WEIRRRRRRRD. There are a bunch of people in danger of failing without projects completed, so I did give the option of working on those instead; one taker. The others? Mostly zoning out, some actually trying to have rollicking conversations with each other (I used my mean teacher/end of the frickin' year voice with them, which was the safer alternative to beating their teenage heads against the wall). Whew.

Then I brought that rotten attitude home with me and offended my best friend within minutes of getting out of my car. She just wanted to share a little fun fantasy she had today of buying a lavendar VW bug and I got all practical and [worse] bitchy about it. Even my apology was rude and all I can do is offer to buy her a coffee when we head out for more neighborhood garage sales tomorrow morning. I'm surprised she's still willing to come with me; maybe she's plotting to poison my Starbucks.

[This is where I say I'm sorry. The bug really would be cool; I'm an idiot.]


Mrs. G. said...

Bad Bad Mom!

Anonymous said...

I imagine she will forgive you. That is why we need real friends around us- so that when we go off the wall they can gently smack us upside the head with love and bring us back down to earth. klcrab

katydidnot said...

she loves you. i was totally sure the sentence that started with "i can only offer to buy her..." was going to end with "a new vw bug".

coffee's good, too, though. that's the same, right?

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I don't like it when Mommy & Mommy fight.

Oh wait.

Have fun in the neighborhood tomorrow.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Don't you hate it when it's like you're outside yourself watching yourself be a total beyotch and yet you can't stop being a total beyotch?!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

You need a warm lavender-scented bubble bath and a shoulder rub. Be nice to yourself.

Oh, and nice masthead!

Very Mary said...

And this is the EXACT moment that I realized I seriously needed some medication to cope. Because this EXACT moment was happening every. single. day. for a decade.


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